High Tea

You’re welcome ma0sm - this can be your new fact for the day

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Petit fours >>>>>>>afternoon tea


I have been to Betty’s but not for afternoon tea. I bet it’s good.

:joy: meowington is dead
Long live anon1234

(I’m just having a bored afternoon)


Had afternoon tea in one of the restaurants up the Shard once, so that was quite high.

(obviously I didn’t pay, was a thank you for making a wedding cake)

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So a building then?


was gonna say that I’ve had high tea at the ok corral thinking it was a play on high noon but it turns out it was the gunfight at the ok corral and high noon is s completely different film do I didn’t bother

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That sounds more like afternoon tea (low tea). Lovely though.

Where I live high tea means something like a fish supper or steak pie plus lots of bread and butter and buttered crumpets, and tea. NOwt dainty about it- no wee finger sarmies or pastry delicacies.


Yes, but a particularly high one.