Highest Disser House?

Because why not.

You can check your elevation above sea level using your postcode https://www.freemaptools.com/elevation-finder.htm

(under the map, change it to UK Postcode and put yours in)

We live at the top of a big hill, so I’m sitting pretty high at 397 feet / 121m.

When i saw the title,knew this would be your thread!

Cracking view tbf.



17m / 55ft

Just checked my parents house and they’re higher up.


135m. I’m pretty surprised we’re higher up here (nr. Wigan) compared to you in Sheffield. The top of the hill near my house is 169m

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53.0 m or 173.9 feet
I live in an upstairs flat so you can add another 10 feet or so

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:wave: Also 135m, hi!

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Live on abbeydale Road, where the river and train tracks go down into town so about as low as Sheffield gets. Imagine crookes etc. Are much higher



43 ft.

Pretty fucking high for these parts

top of Walkley by Bole Hill is 194m so yeah, hilly place!

153.0 m or 502.0 feet

It’s very hilly around these parts. Although I am in a valley and there are far higher parts.

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a paltry 30 metres

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it doesn’t seem to take into account my flat is on the 2nd floor


Flat = 24m

Home/parent’s house = 147m

148.0 m or 485.6 feet

43 UK meters

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I live on a biggish hill (Cat 3 tdf climb bike nerds)

but it’s only actually 66 meters according to that thing

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This is why i get grumpy when i have to walk home from work