Highest number of Dissers in a house

Either highest number at a given time or highest number cumulatively?

I carry all disers in my heart at all times. So it’s a tie between my house, your house, and niki’s house I believe


does a pub count as a house?

Five at an old place

depends on the pub



The Old Blue Last


I assume you’re talking Hogwarts houses?


Most I’ve ever seen in a residential property was probably one of the parties at our London residence.

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M_W_T’s too, no?

At least 8 dissers have been in my house. Most of them bike wankers.

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Yes. Sorry @Matt_was_taken

can confirm i have never been in a house with a diser

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not many have been in this current house: aggers, grievoustim, tuna, rich-t very briefly… anyone else?

fucking loads at the last one though

When did you live in London?

I remember a few of the house parties at various places back in the day - there’d often be 20+ DiSers in there at a time.

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It’s our weekend residence.

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Only one DiSer besides me (so far), one former DiSer too though if that counts for anything.

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Back in the distant past was at a house apres a zonino (?) where there must have been 20-30 odd (inc. Wrightylews brother!!).

not the one after Zonino 2.5, where pretty much all the landing and hallways room floors and probably stairs were used as beds?

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Quite possibly. All a bit hazy tbqh.

Also one where i woke up 6 inches away from and staring directly into the eyes of yo_soy_welshmun. Was v. Romantic.


Did you see that bleak (sarah) is back in London for drinks on Friday evening?