Highest paid musicians


There’s some shit on this list. Not even heard of number 15 and 16!


Is this in the states…? Would’ve thought Arashi, AKB48 etc would earn more than that :confused:


Copy and paste:

This year’s top five selling acts, and their total gross for the year (in yen) are as follows:

  1. Arashi (¥10,868,000,000)
  2. Namie Amuro (¥9,428,000,000)
  3. SMAP (¥8,816,000,000)
  4. Nogizaka46 (¥8,055,000,000)
  5. AKB48 (¥7,256,000,000)


10,868,000,000 JPY =


Yes, It’s US data only.


Yeah was going to say there are kpop groups earning loads more than some of these


Surprised that Future is earning more than say, Kanye


Guessing future toured and maybe kayne didn’t this year…? :man_shrugging:


Think Future collaborates/writes/produces more, so hed have credits and royalties for a shit ton of projects.


Number 5. Ed wasn’t in it last year. OMG look at those numbers


Hes involved in so many projects that endulge in stream trolling that he probably gets a few million streams per week as a result


Also pretty lazy work lumping entire bands together. Pretty sure Rob Trujillo isn’t earning the same amount as James Hetfield, or that Tom Petty splits his money evenly with The Heartbreakers (hey, maybe he does).


I think Metallica split cash evenly from live shows. Hetfield would get more from royalties as he writes more.