Highest weed-to-air ratio at a gig you've attended


Recently went to see All Them Witches and got lightly high without actually bringing anything to smoke myself, due to the sheer number of people getting baked around me.

I remember Wu Tang in Switzerland being similar. Gimme your hotboxed memories


Deftones in Glasgow, bizarrely.


i can def imagine that to be the case i reckon - i spent a lot of uni being high to White Pony in my room


Flying Lotus in Vicar Street, Dublin. Joints everywhere at an indoor gig. One of my mates passed me one in front of a security and he didn’t bat an eyelid. Barely remember the end of the gig.


I don’t know, but in recent times, I was sat middle front row on the balcony for Dillinger Escape Plan recently and as soon as they came on the scent kicked up big time.


Goldie Lookin Chain, Reading 2004.

Holy fucking Christ I was blazed off my absolute face and it wasn’t even 12pm.


Both times I saw The Beta Band.


seated gig at DEP>


Godspeed You! Black Emperor in a theatre in Vancouver around 2000. Despite security trying to stop it coming in, plenty of people lit up after Efrim encouraged it heartily.


great view, great sound, comfort, no beer on my clothes… I’m too old to mosh now.


The only one that springs to mind is seeing Roni Size / Reprazent in Bristol on New Year’s Eve 2000/01. Impressive weed to air ratio given that it was an open air gig.


Natty in Perranporth a couple of years ago. Persuaded to go by some friends. Never such a clusterfuck of shirtless surfer thundercunts I ever did see.


I saw Ozric Tentacles at the Glade in Glastonbury last year, and I got slightly high just typing that sentence out.


Clutch at the Sheffield Corporation, pre-smoking ban. As soon as they started one of the barstaff produced a rather large pipe, took a hit and set the tone for everyone else.


Ozric Tentacles with Senser as support - sometime in the early ninetines, somewhere in rural oxfordshire/ berkshire


Cypress Hill at Brixton Academy in 93/94. I think the crowd were trying to live up to the bands expectations.


Up In Smoke 2001.


Can’t contribute to this thread but would like to nominate it for thread title of the year.


<3 oh man


Spiritualized at the Leeds met, circa 1997.

Obv far out-blazed by your average orbit evening at the after dark.