Highly recommend this if you have bad armpit BO by the way

Noticed mines been worse over the last year (dunno if it’s environment related or stress related) but this has sorted it (along with trimming my armpit hairs). Just use it one morning every three days and there’s no noticeable odour.

Lovely stuff.

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Also it says “for men” but no idea why

I’ve noticed I’m getting more whiffy recently, especially later in the day. Blamed it on covid because I can.

Gf says she doesn’t notice, but I do!

probably smells of sport

(gendered deodorant is very weird isn’t it?)


Not a smell person but definitely a very very very sweaty person. Have to buy black/navy shirts all the time now because me armpits? they ain’t charmpits I tells ya.

finally I’ll be able to pop the question!!


That cufflink looks mean


Not happy about something is he?

It’s odourless, baby.

I guess some deodorants are better for longer hair but even that has its own gendered issue of course.

My ex had a Sure anti perspirant that had a slight strawberry smell which I used to use all the time. Most have a really overpowering smell

last time I used an NH4Cl deodorant I was kept awake all night with the most horrendous itchy pits

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I’ve barely worn anti-perspirant in the last year but before that I used Lynx Africa.

Shaving your armpits is helpful too.


But in all seriousness, I used to use this. Much the same sort of thing I think.


Started doing this at the start of covid and never looked back

Pointless hair imo

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I use a pomegranate scented deodorant

oh wait it’s actually fig not pomegranate, sorry

sorry everyone

This was a real rollercoaster of emotions.


I was going to say “but my wife might find that weird” but I’ll just say “it’s because I’m an overweight sweat machine YEAH?” and she’ll say “oh yeah so glad i married u lol”

I used to use this. God, it would make me itchy though, really handy every now and then but it doesn’t feel right to not sweat from the places we’re meant to.

Also I noticed if it was a hot day I’d just make up for it by sweating even more from everywhere else.


Yeah I’m pretty sweaty generally. Get really self conscious about pit sweat though so mainly bought it for that because it can be a nightmare in social situations where I’m anxious beyond belief but I’d feel my back being sweatier than usual.

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