Highly recommend this if you have bad armpit BO by the way

Just dropping in to add solidarity for the folks who’ve somehow got sweatier and/or more odorous recently (though I’m probably not going to do anything about it because if you can’t handle me at my sweaty grossest, you don’t deserve me at my slightly less sweaty and less grossness [the real reason is apathy])

I always wondered if I could just driclor my whole body and leave like a finger tip not done to act as a sweat siphon.


I am definitely sweatier than I used to be, but also not seeing many people so I’m way more comfortable with it.

I used those high power anti-perspirants for a while, like in the OP, but they just don’t feel like they are good things in the long-term for my pits. I used Nuud for a bit and that was awesome but it’s pricey for sure.

If you’re having stinky pits but don’t want to shave, some under arm manscaping works a treat.

No but i get hungover poo that smells like red bull


Stopped doing this at the start of covid and never looking back.


I think mine smells more like onions.

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Got 2 tubes of this for Christmas, but haven’t used old stuff to get to it yet. Apparently the same sort of thing but vegan / eco friendly.


Might try this. Is it a cream type thing?

Yeah. Think they recommend a pea sized blob on each pit. Some people say it lasts a day others a week.

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Would need to trim tho ol’ hair down a bit but seems worthwhile.

Can’t get on with perspirex and the lilem… Much like others my pits itch horrifically.

Nuud is great but heinously expensive.

I only get one bad one. Left is always fine

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bought some of this and BOY is it time to break it out.

one question though. it says apply the night before.

so… do I not have a shower in the morning then?

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Think some nerds on here have said previously that you should apply anti-perspirant the night before for it to be most effective.

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Can’t use roll on because I’m too impatient to let it dry fully so it messes up my t shirts by making them all crusty (sorry, gross). Definitely need better antiperspirant though - I’m basically just a sweat blob in summer.

Yeah. I did. It still works after a shower.

Sure I mentioned it above but I shaved my armpits too (though not to the skin)

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I bought some nuud and it does absolutely sod all for me, I was even applying twice a day at one point to see if I needed to build it up but no matter how I experimented it’s had no effect whatsoever.

This stuff is the shit by the way.

I might even be able to wear a pale blue shirt again!

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