Highway 61 revisited


Could easily make a case for this being the greatest record of all time.
Man, it’s so fucking good




You’re alright @thewarn



Love this album so much. But think I might prefer bringing it all back home…


(Both in my top 10 I reckon)


me too. and sometimes blood on the tracks too


Blonde on blonde as well though…



Blood on the tracks is the greatest record of all time


Then we’re all agreed. Bob Dylan has made the greatest album of all time.

3-4 times.


I don’t agree.


5 times?


0 times


sorry I’m being a right grumpy bastard tonight


I really don’t wanna fall out about this Bam :grinning::+1:




That’s not a word


BIABH and Highway 61 are more or less equally brilliant for me. tend to cite BIABH as my favourite, got great songs and a bit of everything you want from Dylan all in one package. though Highway feels a bit more heavyweight in a way, feels like it’s got a bit more gravitas that lends itself a bit better to Greatest Album Ever discussions.

Blonde on Blonde and Blood on the Tracks are both solid records but people who cite either of them as his best over the above two are just massively wrong tbh.


I’m totally not wrong I-S :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:


The only part of Highway 61 I dislike is the slide whistle at the start of the title track. Apart from that, yep, incredible.

But my favourite Dylan album? Love + Theft. Closely followed by Time Out of Mind.


What?!?! The slide whistle is amazing :grinning:
And those are both great records :+1: