Hilary's New Book

Anyone kind of interested in reading it? Based of her interaction with Jason Chaffetz she seems to have mad amounts of sass.

I do not

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Slags off Bernie in it quite a lot apparently. Just how WILL The Internet react to that?!


I for one have enjoyed her transformation into America’s Blair.


Did someone actually ask this if this was real or not?

Jesus wept…

And a cereal review, if anyone’s interested

tl;dr she’s incapable of self-examination, and buys into the most pathetic conspiracy theories of her own supporters as to why she lost.

Starting to genuinely wonder if Clinton is one of those people who’s incredibly smart, almost to a fault, but has relatively low emotional intelligence.

Kind of reminded of this piece from comment is free:

I think she’s like a lot of career politicians, in that she’s very good at something specific - policy creation, protocol, how to make and maintain connections, create funding etc - and a total fish out of water anywhere else. She doesn’t really connect politics to the real world, and she can’t really connect with regular voters, because she simply has no experience of either. When she’s asked why she wanted to be president, she answers “Because I’d be good at it”, which is kind of her in a nutshell. She came at it as if she were applying to get to the next pay-grade of civil servant, rather than inspiring a vast number of ordinary people to vote for her.

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wish she’d just fuck off tbh


Yeah look I hate Trump and think she got a very raw deal but she’s far too fucking boring for me to read an entire book by her, about her.

The real tragedy about all this is that I’m old enough to remember this fucker coming out

this is better

it’s annoying when people use middle names for no reason

like, oh right you mean *that* hilary clinton.

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Rodham’s her maiden name actually

Seems pretty legit that she’d use it like that too IMO

nah it’s annoying. too many names. stop being greedy.

fair enough call yourself whatever you want, but stick with one thing