Hillary Clinton's got pneumonia


Only found out today that her and Trump are 68 and 70 respectively. Thought they were many years younger. This campaign seems to have been running for an absolute eternity. They must be exhausted.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not surprised she’s got pneumonia.


Baby Trump (L)


Didn’t realise there’s loads of conspiracy theory stuff about her health.


everyone looking forward to Trumps acceptance speech then?


also who’ll replace her if it comes to it (probably wont but w/e)? Kaine or Biden or Sanders (lol)



Remember studying in US politics that the long presidential race was preferred as it separated the weak from the strong. Traditionally those who get ill along the way don’t fare too well with the public. Can’t remember the examples, seemed harsh at the time and I can’t really corroborate it, but kinda makes sense



This has been a silly miss-step by the Clinton campaign. If they knew she had pheumonia back when she had her coughing fit that set off all the Republicans into a frenzy, they should have got in front of it. Instead they kept it secret and ended up with her nearly collapsing in public, which looks ten times worse and gives more ammo to dickhead conspiracy theorists.


Get well soon Hillary! :rose::sunflower::blossom:


its not really a conspiracy any more though, is it? she’s obviously pretty damn ill.


Republican conspiracy theories reckon that she has everything from AIDs to Alzheimer’s to progressive strokes, and is therefore too frail and weak to be president (surprise surprise, it’s sexist!).

A temporary illness like pneumonia is very different.


Fixed that for you.


But you can’t really work against that, surely? This is just the next level of misogyny. Sanders lost and I think it’s a shame but I’m not behind this idiotic “they’re both as bad as each other” rhetoric. (NOTE: I accept those aren’t the only two options out there. There are certainly people who don’t feel Clinton is a leftist enough candidate for them but I trust they are also intelligent enough to know she’s a better option than Trump.)


I dunno, is there a story written in Bill’s autobiography of the time she came home from surgery and physically attacked him, ripping out a clump of his hair and raping him? Cause…

NB: This search also garnered another new, fucking totally different rape story from 20 hours ago, which I haven’t read yet. So fill yer boots. :’)


You can’t work against blatantly bullshit conspiracy theories with shit like evidence, but you can make life easier for yourself by not hiding health problems when they do occur only to let the mask briefly slip and make people panic.

Christ, I know Trump likes to claim he’s as strong as an ox, but did you see his speech in Mexico? If he’s not on a cocktail of uppers and downers, I’d be very shocked.

Hillary bashing is very on trend at the moment, but I think the practical argument for voting for her is very strong:



had no idea Trump was 70, thought he was like mid fifties


Are you… blind? No offence but that does not look like a man in his 50s. And do you not remember him looking 50 like 20 years ago and not like a young man?


Trump is a criminal and a bigot and an idiot, so I’d say he’s the worse out of the two.


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