Hillary Woods - Colt


Think there was a bit of chatter about this in the weekly release thread at the time and the June AOTM, but I slept on it and it turns out it’s an astonishing record. It’s like a halfway point between Julie Byrne and Julia Holter with oodles of delicious reverb. Think it would be my AOTY so far were it not for Let’s Eat Grandma.


Ah cheers, missed this too. Both Jules were my AOTY with their last releases so will give it a spin pronto


I gave this quite a few listens because it definitely ticks all the boxes on stuff I normally like, but the more I listened the less I liked it.

One of those weird situations where I liked the tracks on an individual basis but as a whole album I just found it ended up feeling very bland. It just ended up feeling very Enya. Nothing wrong with that of course, just not my cup of tea.

Sure I’ll give it another go when the end year lists come round though, it’s amazing how things can click or not at different times.


Definitely has a slight new age feel to the vocals. I bloody love that vibe thought. Horses for courses :slight_smile:


Oh yeah and as I said I do like the tracks individually - ones for mixtapes for me I think.


This is very nice. Didn’t quite click until I gave it my full attention. Definitely can hear elements of early Julia Holter but there is also that lush instrumentation.

Always worth checking out a Sacred Bones release, lot’s of intriguing artists.


missed this - cheers dude - enjoying lots


Perhaps I should give it another go…I was really looking forward to it, based on comparisons similar to those made in the OP…but it struck a really bad chord with me. Something about it sounded really synthetic…and the mood/feel was all over the place.


I also picked up this one from the albums of the month list, could easily see it being in my top 5 aoty.


Fabulous record


haven’t gone back to it much but it’s pretty good aye


You may or may not know that she also released an album as The River Cry but it’s hard to find online (well not on Spotify anyway).


I did not know that. Will have a listen


Yup, loved this one. Must listen again. Black Rainbow was on fairly heavy rotation for a while.


Hard to believe she was in JJ72