HIM + Ville Valo (rolling)

Loads of HIM fans here I bet. Reckon there’s at least 5 people on here with heartagram tattoos. Anyway, “VV” is back with… some bland MOR shite! Excited?

No bam margera chat.

Genuinely can’t believe this isn’t a @TKC thread.


I think about them surprisingly often as the (regen) goalkeeper for my Football Manager Finland team I got to qualify for their first World Cup was called Ville Salo

Give me some credit!

And this amazing neo-Pukki forward called Tommi Laiho. Children of Bodom at Bloodstock were actually the last band at a festival I saw before lockdown, Alexi Laiho RIP :frowning:

Jesus, there was once a time when they had ACTUAL TOP 10 UK SINGLES

well forget you guys then

i’m off to listen to LOVE METAL


First person that came to mind (sorry @tkc, love ya)


BUT WEN IS HATE METAL? :rage: :uk:

My best mate had a him heartagram tattoo om his wrist, got it covered up with a massive rocket few years back.

Think he’s still got the static x one on his back tho :thinking:

Buried Alive By Love is a tune tbf


Love how Kerrang used to treat him as some sort of big-time sex knower because his dad owned a sex shop in Helsinki.

Ever owned one of these beanies

  • YES :finland:
  • NO :no_entry_sign:

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Couldn’t tell you a single tune they’ve done. Where should I get acquainted?

tunes tbf