Hindsight in 2020

Any albums you missed last year that you’re enjoying lots this year? Anything you didn’t give the credit it deserved last year.

Got into the Clairo and Julia Jacklin albums towards the end of the year. I know now that they’re both fantastic.

Also find myself going back to The Twilight Sadalmost weekly and it’s over a year old. Should probably have been higher in my ranking.

also I just really wanted to be the one that used this thread title


Dedicated is a better album than I thought at the time of release. Front loaded and gets a bit samey though?

:thinking: Automatically in Love is middle of side B

Yes, that and The Sound are v.v good but I’ll Be Your Girl / Right Words Wrong Time / Feels Right are not imo

Lana Del Rey, and Poppy’s mental descent into bubblegum nu-metal

that third Fidlar album is lots of fun, too

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I think this is a thread where you started with a title and then decided what it would end up being and, let me tell you, you have knocked it out of the park


• you are correct
• thank you so much for your support
• it means a lot


At the end of 2019 I had the DIIV album marked down as ok but now I think it’s fantastic and one of the best of the year.

At the very least, we need more fast, tense songs by shoegaze bands that call out right-wing monsters like Don Blankenship.

Amazing album opener.

Yeah, that DIIV album was great. Think i had it third on my list. Exactly what i want from that sort of music.

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Shovel and Rope and Sleater Kinney for me.

Is this the “What did you discover in Listageddon 2019” thread?

if so…

Jay Som
Richard Dawson
Billie Eilish
75 Dollar Bill

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Jay Som - Anak Ko
Latitudes - Part Island
Richard Dawson - 2020

Lingua Ignota

Lorelei is probably the best slow Smashing Pumpkins track since the 90s

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Mine is Alicia Edelweiss - When I’m Enlightened, Everything Will Be Better, who I discovered a couple of weeks ago from investigating the 2020 Great Escape line-up. It would easily be in my top 3, and possibly my number 1 album.

She’s kind of like early Joanna Newsom, mixed with Jeffrey Lewis/Kimya Dawson and CocoRosie maybe

and then this one has some howls in the background that sounds like Soap&Skin:

Anyhow, in big love and have ordered the vinyl from her bandcamp.

just got into the gabber modus operandi album and it’s amazing

I never made that connection but yeah, I can definitely hear it falling somewhere in that 1989-1992 era. I love and miss those thick droning guitars.

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