Hindsight is 2020


Here is a wee prediction contest for the year ahead, we will dredge this thread up next year to see who is the Nostradamus of the forum, and who is the Nostradanus.

  1. By 1/1/2020 will Trump have been impeached?
    Yes / No

  2. On 1/1/2020 Brexit will have:
    Been Cancelled / Gone ahead with a deal / Gone ahead with no deal / Still be in the process

  3. On 1/1/2020 which party will be in government (or the majority party in a coalition) in the UK?
    Labour / Tories / Other

  4. On 1/1/2020 The Queen will be:
    Alive / Dead

I’d also like to hear general thoughts on who will win all the football, the Oscars, the Eurovisions, the snooker etc, all the important things. No cycling, darts, golf or cricket chat, please.

That’s a bold one to start with, @ttf.

Do you think this because the world will end, or simply that there will be major calendar changes? Or both?!

The quiet twenties

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The twenties but you’re forced to hunt other people with your hands


I believe a football team will win the football and a song will win Eurovision.

  1. Yes
  2. Cancelled
  3. Labour
  4. Dead

that’d be the perfect year


Going to see if I can will it into being.

Oh yeah and everybody on DiS is going to have a great year and find or keep true love

Does that include yourself? It better

Sure! I’m a dreamboat :wink:

  1. No
  2. Still in process
  3. Want to say Labour but probably Tory coalition
  4. Hanging on

Wow. You want the Queen to die? Bit shitty of you, m8.

she’s had a good run. bored of her now, fancy a change.


£4.50 at the Old Blue Last

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Hi Theo!

I’m off to bed now, just thought it would be fun to say hi.

Night x


I am actually surprised she hasn’t abdicated. Worries me that it’s because of either some clinging to tradition or that she has real issues with Prince Charles being king. Otherwise she’s clearly a very elderly lady and it seems like she should probably be allowed to enjoy a bit of retirement.

Hi Bam.

Have a good sleep!

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  1. Yes (:crossed_fingers:)
  2. Cancelled
  3. Labour
  4. Alive (Maybe Charles dies?)

Honest answers

Nah. I think it needs a Senate majority and so I presume that can’t happen before 2020. Even if some weird miracle happened then he would just do a Nixon and resign before the axe.

Sadly I think Brexit is a nailed on certainty at this point and it will be a No Deal Brexit at that.

The Tories will still be in power.

Alive-O! She’ll make it to at least 101, accidents/assassinations excluded.

I agree with Theo.

Very very unlikely the Senate will vote to impeach, though I can see the House trying.
Brexit - feel like No Deal is the most likely option, with an extension to allow for further negotiation the second most likely.
Tories still in power (though a modest chance it will be Labour).
Queen will live forever probably.

Football: City will win everything.
Cricket: England to beat India in the final. NZ and South Africa in the semis (I have NO respect for your formats, Juke).