Hindsight is 2020

Reckon if you went back through these threads over the years, the general consensus would be that the queen wouldn’t see the year out. She’s just going to keep going forever, isn’t she?

Happy hump day everyone!

Take it to the DiS approved bangers thread :+1:

No. On 7th March 2019 Donald Trump will die in his sleep, peacefully. Vice-president Pence will succeed him as president of the USA. On 26th April 2019 Mike Pence will die in his sleep, peacefully. Nancy Pelosi will take over as president of the USA and remain in office until the next presidential election.

Been cancelled. On the morning of 28th March Theresa May will wake up and think to herself: what have I done? There is still no deal approved by parliament. She will table a motion and propose to call the whole thing off. The motion is carried and minutes later she’s on the blower to Jean-Claude Juncker. Later that day Jeremy Corbyn is photographed winking at the camera, holding a glass of champagne.

Labour. Immediately following the cancellation of Brexit, Theresa May invites the opposition to table a motion of no confidence. Jeremy Corbyn accepts the challenge and the motion is carried on 29th March 2019. Theresa May resigns. After a fierce contest Liz Truss is chosen as the leader of the Conservative Party. The general election is held on 20th June 2019. A landslide result and the Tories are decimated. The Green Party become the second biggest political force in parliament. Corbyn is the new prime minister, Caroline Lucas leader of the opposition.

Alive. After forming a government, the first thing prime minister Corbyn does is propose to abolish the monarchy. The motion is carried by a large majority. On 1st September 2019 the Queen abdicates and president Corbyn is inaugurated on the same day. Billy Bragg and a reformed Chumbawamba will be performing at the ceremony. The former Queen now lives in a retirement home in Croydon and visits her local bingo hall every Thursday afternoon.

In an unexpected turn of events, Arsenal will be crowned champions of the 2018/2019 season.

Holland will win the UEFA Nations League, obviously.

Olivia Coleman and Mahershala Ali to win everything.

Holland to win, obviously

Dunno to win, obviously

  1. No
  2. Still in process
  3. Tory
  4. Alive

Nothing changes, does it


That was all quite believable until you started to get silly and said Arsenal would win the football.

  1. No
  2. No deal
  3. Rees Mogg led Tories.
  4. More alive than ever

I’m an optimist, me.

I’d not be shedding any tears if every single one of the parasitical scum were to die.

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They probably feel the same way about you and your family, tbh.

Maybe so but I couldn’t give a shit what those types thing of me. If they do think that then I know I’m right.

I believe a song will win the football and a football will win Eurovision.

  1. Yes
  2. Been cancelled!
  3. Tories still
  4. Alive and kicking

If Holland win Eurovision I’ll eat my hat.

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Yeah I mean again. There’s no chance.

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Still in process

Alive and well, Queen is gonna go past 100 I reckon.