Hip-Hop Posse Cuts Recommendations

I love hip-hop, but my knowledge of it is nowhere near as wide enough, so I’d like to address that.

Whilst I love solo hip-hop tracks where someone like Kendrick Lamar or MF DOOM is completely bossing a track, I’ve really grown to love posse cuts where there’s a lot of interaction between the MCs, especially if they’re trading bars quickly without dropping a beat. Also love cuts where the other MCs are hyping up those about to come on the mic, like ODB does for Ghostface Killah on on Da Mystery of Chessboxin’.

This was my example from the samples round, which perfectly shows this kind of the playful “show me what you’ve got” kind of posse cut.

Another example: love the way Q-Tip, Phife, Jarobi and Busta Rhymes trade lines on this. The flow is so effortlessly brilliant.

So yeah. Give me your posse cut recommendations, or tracks with lots of cool trading lines between MCs!


One of my fav rap tracks, and a good example of the upbeat bouncy style you want

Much heavier with longer individual bars, but still a crazy collection of talent on a track


this one that came out last week is fun too

Always blows my mind a bit that we got Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean and The Internet from this one group


these were both before Nas became Nas basically, right?

Doom doesn’t do a bad one himself:

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you could tell me that OF had put out the three best rap-or-adjacent albums since 2015 and i wouldn’t put up much argument

Kind of – it’s around the time he was discovered by Large Professor and just before he started to work on Illmatic. Think it was Serch who got him his deal with Columbia too

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never heard of, great name

Uk ones:

He’s one of the great producers – the Main Source album ‘Breaking Atoms’ is incredible. He also produced 3 of the tracks on Illmatic

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One more:

Can’t believe I haven’t heard this before. That beat is so chill and the flow is amazing. Fantastic track.

Agreed, haven’t heard this and this is pretty slamming. DOOM was a pretty underrated producer as well.

Might be a bit of a cheat because both of the posses on these are all from the same crew (Wu Tang and OGC), but two of the best hip hop tracks ever imo

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Two pretty obvious ones…

Crooklyn Dodgers

Also love…

Mic Geronimo, Ja Rule, DMX and Jay-Z

Kurious, Kadi and MF Grimm

DITC (AG, Big L, Finesse, OC, Diamond D)