Hiring a washing machine [spinning]

Threads don’t come more boring than this, sorry.

Just moved into a new house and there’s no washing machine. We’re (hopefully) having our kitchen done in a couple of months and that will have an integrated washing machine in it.

In the meantime, getting to a laundrette with no car is a pain in the arse so we wanted to hire a washing machine, but Google only shows places to rent one as hire-purchase. Which we don’t want.

Can you hire a washing machine for two months? Is that a thing?

we used to do this at university - from radio rentals (not sure they still exist?)

buy a second hand one then sell it again?

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if you’re going to hire one, why wouldn’t you just buy one?

oh i see: integrated. aren’t they meant to be shitter? idk.

:grinning: kick a man when he’s down pn.


I’m not sure, but the GF is very keen to have an integrated one. I think she’s been scarred by the one in our rental that would move halfway across the kitchen each time we used it.

or chuck it in the canal

can you just buy an integrated type one - and dont “integrate” it.

Will look shit but if it’s only for a couple of months?

Now the plan is coming together!

hmm, they shouldn’t do that (if that really happened then probably the transit bolts hadn’t been removed from when it was installed? maybe)

not sure the clothes would come out the canal any cleaner tbh

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We rented a shithole, Pnooks. It was just loose under the kitchen counter.

this makes sense. we use an integrated on, not integrated and it’s fine.

it’s in a cupboard so you can’t see it but if it was only for a short period…

sadpunk’s would ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!


Alright, clean shirt!

Our old flat a few years ago didn’t have one so we rented one for 6 months (think that was the minimum contract) from a company called Forbes I think? Cost about £5 a week from memory.

too helpful. BAN REQUEST.

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Yeah, we looked at those but 6 months is too long.

What I want to do is hire one, like if you were hiring a generator or a floor sander. If nothing else, I think I’ve found a gap in the market - anyone want to stump up £4m startup capital?

I’m in, we could hire out TVs and VCRs as well


Twin cassette stereos and sandwich toasters!