Hiring a washing machine [spinning]


I’m actually really going to buy a twin cassette deck soon

Might look into rental options


you could just try not to spill anything on your clothes for a couple of months?


Just buy a washboard


I’m a man who sweats, Japesy.


Thing is you might need a floor sander once, you need a washing machine all the time.

It would be like trying to rent a toilet.


What if you needed one while yours was being fixed?

What if you’re staying in temporary accommodation for a bit?

What if you can’t afford to buy one in the short term?


Don’t shoot the messenger pal!


I’ll shoot who I want, when I want, chum!


you don’t DESERVE clean clothes.

come on chaps, leave him to wallow in his own filth.


I had my own washing machine saga got one off gum tree to save some £££. They are heavy, difficult to transport and difficult to set flat and I had a car. My advice let the pros do it


They literally have a literal block of actual cement in them.


So, if I’ve understood correctly, what you’re saying is Japes’s idea is completely fucking stupid?

I hear you, but I don’t like that kind of language.


You don’t need to tell me I found out the hard way