His Dark Materials

Yeah that’s correct. Tolkien would have probably called them Wheelyphants


Whatever they’re called they are pissing me off. Sounds like I’m at Boomtown listening to someone called Pamphidora talk about ayahuasca.


Finished Amber Spyglass reread. Sorry contrarian pals but I love every separate story strand and love how it all comes together. That final 5th of the book is just devastating. My aching heart.

The angel tells Will that there is a way of using ‘imagination’ to travel between worlds and that a friend of his already knows it. And Mary Malone does astral projection. So Mary and Will can eventually use astral projection to see Lyra again please and thank you.


Massive task on their hands portraying the Mulefa, Tulapia, Gallivespians, Harpies, Spectres, Ghosts, Deaths and Angels on the show

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Early prototype…

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New trailer:

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Can’t watch at work - is there a release date yet?

I can’t find one. They’ve released some more of the names for the daemon castings, though:

Disappointing lack of Matt Daemon


Andrew Scott as Jopari! :heart_eyes:

Have they cast a Will yet?

Yes. (link in the post)


They’ve narrowed it down to a month, at least - Saw a newspaper had listed it as “November” over the weekend.

Starts 3rd November