Hissing Fauna is 10 years old today

This is the first time an album has ever made me feel old :’(

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Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Got a few “surprising” 10 year anniversaries coming up. Sound of Silver, Untrue, For Emma, Forever Ago, In Rainbows… 2007 was a long time ago now, ye old fucks.


Fuck! Still a perfect record.


Absolute height of P4K-core wasn’t it?

Member Sound of Silver, The Reminder, In Rainbows, Cryptograms, the Flying Club Cup, This Bliss, Untrue, Strawberry Jam, All Hour Cymbals, Boxer, Kala, For Emma Forever Ago, From Here We Go Sublime, Person Pitch, Night Falls Over Kortedala, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Random Spirit Lover, Neon Bible, Mirrored, Andorra, †? And the rest!

Remember Hipster Runoff? What a time to be alive. Much better than now, wasn’t it?

Untrue being 10 years old feels like an alt-fact to me…

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tell you what tell you what it’s not even nine and a half years old!

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