Historical (and future) craziness

Homosexuality was illegal in England until 1967 and Scotland until 1980*.
Women were not allowed to vote in the UK until 1918 (1928 if you were under 30).
Slavery was legal in the UK until 1833.

All this stuff seems completely crazy now, but none of it is that long ago. What kind of things that are going on now will people look back on and think “what the fuck were they thinking in 2017”? I’m no veggie, but I wonder if in 100 years time eating animals might seem impossibly barbaric.

Alternatively, feel free to add stuff that used to be fine but now isn’t. Anything to pad out the thread, really.

*According to the unimpeachable wikipedia anyway, there’s doubtless a fair bit more to it than that.

marital rape in uk only illegal in 1992 (officially)
Catholic church had special protection in Irish constitution until 1972, and the amendment is still pretty odd

We’ll either get to the point where we think it was crazy that any drugs were ever banned or to the point where we think it was crazy that alcohol and cigarettes were legal


The laws of abortion in Ireland


Almost definitely the latter - it already seems odd you could smoke in restaurants, or on the bus.


The smoking ban is a good one. It gives me a weird little jolt seeing people smoking in public places in films/TV pre-dating the ban.

Saturation of gambling advertising (I’ve made this point a silly amount of times before)


This, and the realisation that it wasn’t that long ago.

Ok it was prob 10 years ago now but idea that people used to smoke indoors in pubs seemed strange to me in like 2010 even though I remember being in pubs with everyone smoking.


I was recently down the road from Appenzell, a small town in Switzerland that only gave women the vote in council elections in 1991. 1991. Even Switzerland as a whole only gave women the vote in 1971, and the men had a referendum to decide to allow them or now.

Oh and Wikipedia says: “A previous referendum on women’s suffrage was held on 1 February 1959 and was rejected by the majority (67%) of Switzerland’s men.”

Homosexuality was illegal in Ireland until 1992, divorce was illegal until 1996

Shops were only allowed to open on Sundays in 1994.

they’ve just decriminalized/legalised ‘moderate’ domestic violence in Russia.

It was 2007 (I had to look it up), I would have guessed well before then. Seems to have been around forever. I’ve obviously just erased from my mind the horror of going out for a meal and someone smoking all over you, the food, and everyone else.


Exactly it seems so long ago and the idea people just smoking next to you in enclosed spaces just seems bizarre now.

when was the last person beheaded (guillotined) in France


by the state?

yeah- sentenced to death and executed (by guillotine)


I think the eating animals one might be you know. Possibly as we’ve killed/eaten them all anyway, but decent synthetic safe protein might be how it’s consumed and become the norm.

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