Historical dramas (television)

Used to hate this sort of thing, now I find myself loving it. Bear in mind I’m not talking simply costume dramas, but something with at least a touch of an historic aspect to it. Have watched several shows about various English/British monarchs, for example. But even something like Vikings which is not strictly speaking historical in the same sense, but there’s still some actual history in there.

So yeah, give me some recommendations? Must obviously be well made and good characters and so on.

congrats, you’re old

Rome - brilliant and like GoT
Spartacus - like a trashy Rome
Black sails - bit like Vikings, looks really nice
Ripper street

Have seen Black Sails, Tudors and Ripper Street! Started Tudors first time I finished watching GoT and needed something to fill the void. Seeing as Tudors also had some castles and beheadings and stuff I figured it would do.

@ericthefourth, tell me about it!

Also if you liked Ripper Street you should watch Copper as well, very much same thing but in New York instead.

I presume you’re aware of The Crown already, but that’s pretty good

Also, Sharpe has some history bits in it. Bloody love Sharpe.

Yep, just seen The Crown and Victoria. There’s a Young Victoria as well though, might have a look at that if nothing else turns up.

Sharpe looks incredibly 90s and is starring Sean Bean, duly noted.

Lonesome Dove and Roots are both excellent.

Does Freaks and Geeks count as historical?

I Claudius is a bit stagey, but excellent.

And Deadwood too!

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Scarlett Pimpernel
The Lost Prince
Wolf Hall

I, Claudius

Watch Rome then, it’s on Netfilx!

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Will do, thanks

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