History Podcast recommendations and chat thread

There are loads of history podcasts out there, but which ones are good? I like…

I’ve only listened to a few so far, but it’s about African American history. From what I’ve heard so far it isn’t a linear narrative, which is good in my book. Heard some good episodes on music and abolitionism.

The History of England Podcast

The podcaster got cancer last year but is in recovery and has recently started up the podcast again.

The Irish History Podcast
Again there’s lots of themed episodes rather than a linear narrative, although it did start out that way I think. The presenter has a very soothing voice, I could listen to him for hours. Episodes can be a bit hit and miss, but I like how he can pick a really really niche subject and do loads of research into it.

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Hardcore History obvs

Fall of Civilisations is wonderful, the music and the guys voice create one hell of an atmosphere, I find it really creepy and beautiful at times.

WrestleMe is good for the history of wrestling

only listened to a couple of episodes but working class history seems good

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Posting just so I can see new replies. Fancy some history podders in my life. CBA with Dan Carlin as they’re all about four days long, and Gladwell can fuck off. The BBC “comedy” history one is pretty naff.

I’ve enjoyed some of those. I liked the one about neanderthals

cool thanks will have a listen of this


remember on the old boards when new posts sometimes wouldn’t appear until someone else posted after them


I think it’s cos I listened to a few in a row on a long journey and over-endulged. I might resub.

I think you’re broadly right, they can be naff

Same! Got 12 more days of quarantine to cope with.

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It’s soooo good

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BBC Witness History is good albeit short primers on interesting and sometimes topical events.

History podcasts are the only reason I’m sad that I’m allergic to podcasts :frowning: bet there are loads of fun facts i’m missing out on.

how’d you mean?

Also, The History of the World in 100 Objects is great (on BBC Sounds). It’s also an astonishingly eye-opener into how much shit the British Museum has and should return.

Revolutions is good

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I know the Dan Carlin Hardcore History ones are stupidly long sometimes, but they are so, so good. I like that he is completely upfront about not being a historian so can just explain things in the most interesting was possible.

About halfway through the ‘King of Kings’ series now (about the Persians, mainly, but covers loads of other ancient world stuff) and it is so interesting. It’s a topic I knew very little about so that helps.

Anyone listened to a few and can recommend which topic to go for next?

Found something disturbing about Dan Carlin I listened to the world war 1 podcasts and at points he was very horny for how efficient the German army was and all the military gear etc

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i have minus levels of attention span for people talking unless there’s a visual to accompany it - talk radio, audiobooks, podcasts, anything that involves me paying attention to people talking with no visuals does not work for me. i get really itchy and annoyed by it and struggle to concentrate for more than 2 minutes (if i have to listen to something for a long time i zone out so often that i have to keep replaying it and get proper agitated).

on the occasion where i’ve given a podcast a go, they go off topic so often and waffle on indiscriminately, so my impression of them is ‘hateful self-indulgent fad’. obvs not gonna be true of all of them but just don’t think i’m built for it as a medium whatsoever

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