Hitman (game series)

I know there’s a gaming thread but allow me this.

Just got back into Hitman after about a year out with the Freelancer and the Elusive Arcade modes. Bloody hell, I’m suckered right back into it. Both really difficult now you don’t have the luxury of saving.

Anyone had a go and how they finding them?

Another reminder that if you don’t have Hitman yet, you can get all 3 next gen games for one as Hitman 3 is now Hitman World of Assassination and has incorporated them. Get involved

Only ever played Hitman 2 on the PC about 20 years ago. Great game that


Tried it once, didn’t like it

Thought I would hate it, but was free on google stadia (RIP) and really enjoyed Hitman…2 or whatever it was. If I ever get a console again will definitely look to get.

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More like Shitman. (Never played it.)

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Can’t get on with the current trilogy at all. Simply don’t have the brain for it. Completed Hitman Absolution as an out and out shooter which was fun but obviously not the point.

very silly games, i love them


can still proper remember the opening level from a demo disc (in a mansion)

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yeah I think the Mafia Don was up on the balcony practicing his golf swing iirc


It doesn’t have to be as stealthy as it seems, you can do it as a shooter if you keep saving and stuff. I’ve done most challenges on it and I’d say for the majority, I had to get a bit of help online which I think is absolutely fine

I tried to replay it recently when I got a new PS2 but found it a bit dated unfortunately

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yeah probably controls like butt

had a little go on freelancer last night, well difficult.

might have to replay some of the levels to get back into it

One of those things where it sounds like it should be amazing but I was dogshit at it so it seemed rubbish. Probably haven’t played one this millennium, tbf.

Yeah found myself in Marrakesh and jumped a wall thinking it was a way to sneak into the consulate, landed right in front of a guard

what a great level. one of the best levels in any game ever imo


yeah, can’t remember what level it was (one of the DLC i think, an island), but even when i got a disguise, everyone was still on to me

Have you ever seen the Kraken there

Not even tried the island one yet on there, haven’t played that level in ages. Might waste this weekend on it

just looked it up, unreal, played that level so many times and there’s still stuff i’ve never seen

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