Hitman (game series)

it’s called Ambrose Island, i hadn’t played it before

I think its one of the challenges so I found it that way but I have no idea how anyone would find it. , like the golfer in Bangkok or Godzilla in Hokkaido

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Ohh that one, thought you meant Haven. Thats a new level that its quite good

Think this is the only game I prefer watching other people play rather than playing myself.

Laughed myself silly watching my then-housemate do the fashion show level.


It’s a very silly game tbf

This vid will never not make me cry laugh


Did an elusive arcade where you kill a food critic. Got a gas canister, threw it by him, set off a micro taser to cause the explosion and ran off. Silent assassin, 5 stars

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think Miami is the best level. it’s extraordinarily good

Thought I’d played this trilogy to death, but similar to the OP been pulled right back in with freelancer mode.

Absolutely rinsed it for the past week or so and finally finished a campaign the other day. Need to totally adjust the way you play the game but having tons of fun again.

Particular highlight was getting myself stuck in one of the houses in the suburban map with the entire map on to me. Just had to shoot every single guard in the whole level from the window.

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Actually had a look at what the challenges on Freelancer entail. See you 2023!

have you found the New York trick?

I haven’t, do tell?

If you go to the vault, you can get loads of Merces - there’s 3 loads to pick up in one area and then in the main bit where in the game you pull a server out or something, it counts as merces - can get thousands at a time

Ooh, wish I’d known that earlier in my play through. After a certain point I’ve found I’ve got more cash than I’d ever really need.

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Finally got good at Freelancer. Annoyed some challenges are so big cause Ill be determined to beat them.

Still maintain Miami is one of the best levels a game has ever had

Whittleton Creek is my go to for showdowns. Usually quite easy to sneak into any area and that disused house with the plumber is perfect for luring targets there

Bloody hell, on a showdown, snipered the target right away and no one saw me. Go to exit the level but the other suspects were there having run away, get shot down by the asssassins with them and lose. Ffs