"Hits" added to an album by Record Company Request

A-4 on Lou Reed’s metal machine music was added as a soft radio friendly hit aimed at the billboard charts, but sadly for Lou it missed the mark


It’s probably mostly due to being the version I bought and got used to, but Feiticeira feels like a natural Track 2. Similar to what I said about Wilco, it’s somewhat of an abrupt start to the album. Back to School realistically shouldn’t be there because of the lyrics and rap-rock, but otherwise musically it does a great job setting the tone and setting up Feiticeira.

I can imagine this being the case but it reminds me of my one bit of confusion when reading Things The Grandchildren Should Know: He mentions turning in Electro-Shock Blues and the record company bods sitting back in silence, amazed at its brilliance. I’ve always been a bit sceptical about that - I can’t think of a mainstream 90s album with fewer obvious singles on it. Surely, surely at least some of the suits would’ve been screaming “WTF is this?” down the phone at his manager??

It’s on my copy.

They eventually bunged Babies on Pulp’s His n Hers, presumably after it was rereleased on The Sisters EP. not quite the same thing, but close. It fits in very well TBH, but my vinyl copy works just as well without it

Yes, I looked it up and it was on the WEA run the removed again, my mistake.


But it’s on some versions.

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On a reissue yeah but not originally.

I remember it originally being on that EP with other covers, but I see that wasn’t a UK release so god knows how I got hold of that. It was released as a double A side with Be Aggressive, it appears

Yeah, if anything was going to be added at the end, that’s the one. It’s the only thing that wouldn’t disrupt that ending sequence and also add to it.

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Angel Dust didn’t have Easy on it, then it sold as a single and I think they packaged the EP with the album for a while, 12" and album, then just added Easy to the album.

I recall record shops, like Our Price having ads (flyers) saying they’d take the original version back in exchange for the ‘new’ version.

Weird. Why would ever do that?

It’s funny because the original release of Angel Dust on vinyl even had Midnight Cowboy on a separate disc, like it wasn’t part of the proper album.

There was a thing for that at the time; putting covers on a separate disc that eventually (wrongly?) became seen as part of the album on CD releases - see also the 7” of covers that came with first pressings of Broken and Hate Songs In E Minor.

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I’d disagree that it fits in on Daisies, quite glad that it was banished to ‘hidden’ status. Liked it at first but got very tired of it.

it was on my CD copy. before Well I Wonder

Album was Summer '92. Easy was Winter '92 and sold much better than previous singles from the album so I imagine some record label exec at Polygram figured the whole package would sell more copies with it’s inclusion. It would decrease the sound quality of the vinyl so package as a separate record seems understandable, maybe.

Also this is probably around the exact time Compact Discs started to pull away from vinyl sales and the inclusion on the CD would not be a capacity problem.

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Long time since I’ve read the story, but I recall that Damon Albarn wrote For Tomorrow after Food rejected Modern Life is Rubbish. Their US label had Chemical World re-recorded before accepting the album as well.

Apparently the album was deemed too serious sounding. I am forever looking forward to doing this at karaoke somewhere.


I would really like to own this album without it


Yep, it really doesn’t belong there.

You And Me Song appears on both Be A Girl and Bagsy Me by The Wannadies, which I’m assuming was a post Romeo and Juliet cash in thing.

Yeah no sure I was romantically reminiscing about when you bought a vinyl album and you found a bonus single inside. Liked those days. Cold hard facts are cool too!

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