"Hits" added to an album by Record Company Request

Completely different albums, I’d say. Boy’s Don’t Cry should probably be classed as a compilation. Either way, it’s much better than 3IB

I’m pleased that, afaik, no-one has added EPs to any Cocteau Twins albums. That would be horrible and depressing.

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Robert Smith hates both records iirc. Their dumb manager made them put the Foxy Lady cover on it, Smith refused to do vocals for it so it has Michael Dempsey singing very poorly. They’re also both pretty bad imo, apart from 10:15 and 3ib

They’re both brilliant, but Boy’s Don’t Cry is one my favourite albums and has been since I was 15. I’m sure Smith likes them, but maybe not the lack of control he had, because he’s a control freak. That’s probably true of a lot of artists and their debut albums.

Boy’s Don’t Cry is the greatest song of all time, btw.

Forgot to include it on my list at the end! Obviously one of the best songs ever written, it’s such a shame it wasn’t a huge hit either time round

I’d imagine in film licensing alone that song has bought a house or two, though.

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Could be wrong, but I vaguely recall the record company insisting putting Can’t Be Sure and it’s b-side on The Sundays debut album. It was a bit distasteful, because the album came out 12 months after the single. And you shouldn’t put b-sides on anyway, should you? Maybe they just didn’t have enough songs. I might be doing the record company, Rough Trade, a disservice here.

And yet, when they do full album playthroughs, they include this.

You’ve got to at least admire the professionalism of that.

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though Orange Appled was a wonderful CD-era addition to the Love’s Easy Tears EP :slight_smile:

We are the boys ,is great should have had that on the album.

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Aggressive Perfector and Criminally Insane (Remix) added to Reign In Blood.


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The QOTSA comments above reminded me that when I first listened to Bleach on CD, having only listened to a tape of the first pressing of the album before, I was surprised and annoyed that Love Buzz was plonked in the middle. It wasn’t on the initial UK version but I don’t know why (it was on the US ones it would seem).

They plonked Caffeine Bomb in the middle of Earth vs. the Wildhearts after it became a hit. My copy doesn’t have it, feel it would work better without

It’s their best album, pal


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