Hiya, it’s the Sunday Thread!

Morning everyone, up early because I drank lots of cocktails last night and fell asleep on the sofa because I didn’t want to disturb the bf too much :laughing: problem is the sofa is not that comfy. Soooo I’m awake.

The haar is here! Edinburgh looks very atmospheric.

Had such a fun night last night! DiSers are the best :blush:

Now you please…


Is it haard to see outside?


Haha! Hiiii, It is!

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We’ve got people coming around for lunch - so I’m up early doing food prep.

They’re all bringing their dogs with them. In a few hours there are going to be 5 (five) dogs in my house. It’s going to be chaos. I can’t wait.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mums of DiS by the way.


Morning troops.

the clocks went forward. I repeat the clocks went forward. Not matter what your cooker says.

Going to a birthday party and then Hillhouse in Helensburgh.


Oops :no_mouth:


Morning. 2hrs down at work already. Sky was just lightening up when I was walking in at 5.30. lovely. Hoping today isn’t going to be too horrendous. Can’t be any worse than yesterday lol. Listening to this for anyone who likes off kilter indie pop

Finishing reasonably early. Going to cook pho for my wife as a mother’s Day treat. Decided to not cliche it this year with flowers and fizz and instead got her a session at a fancy life drawing class with wine and good music. HMD all DiS Mums


Evening everyone. We’re down near Surfers paradise today. This is the apartment view.

We now have 3 days of not meeting anyone. It’s going to be great. :cowboy_hat_face:


Well irked at getting an hour less of the absolute bliss of Mothers Day cooking, washing, dog walking,
doing work


Wait the clocks have changed?! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

This Sunday is full of surprises :joy:



This clock changing is nonsense: time travel is quite dreary.

Been having some ok sleep lately, obviously i feel worse for it, and I’ve now cursed it by showing off about it.

Got a chocolate rose in bed this morning :star_struck:


I really want to go to Helensburgh because of all the nice photos i see on another diser’s insta. Can’t tell if its actually nice or he’s just good at making it look that way?

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:green_heart::purple_heart: Hugs to anyone who hates today or feels down about it :purple_heart::green_heart:

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Glad the clocks have gone forward as the dog has been wanting his dinner as early as 3.30 lately, hopefully this will reset his belly.

Going to take the pooch for a walk in a little while.

In laws are coming round for dinner later.

Still feel rough with a fucking cold!
Today am taking one kid to Southampton to play tennis. The other….well he is crying under the kitchen table as there wasn’t the exact juice he wanted…
Was cutting down bits of a tree yesterday and have soooooo much to clear but the tree looks like it has been barely touched and need to do about 10 times more… :man_facepalming::weary:

Happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate and to those who find it hard, sending lots of love and hugs xxx


Well done to Fig for keeping that a secret!

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Morning all!

I had some drinks and very little to eat yesterday. I’m not really hungover but I am hungry. I need to get off the sofa and make toast.

We’re going to a kiddy disco this afternoon and then eating some style of roast chicken once Wor Lass decides what she wants to eat.

I need to get The Child to sign a MD card secretly at some point and also ring my mam too.

Today I am waiting for delivery of some doors, playing two (2) different RPG sessions, and making preparations for the ultimate roleplaying experience tomorrow: starting a new job.

I put on my business casual shirt and new slacks

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