Hiya Sat Crew


Gonna see @anon75298087 later innit.


Brisk seaside walk (weather dependant)
Pub crawl


Gonna be hard to top that, folks


Morning anyway :wave: Woke up at 5 with loads of stuff on my brain, took ages to get back to sleep and now the girls are awake so yeah, it’s morning!

It’s week 2 of our Foodbank fundraiser and we’re cooking for 16 people tonight. So today will be mainly spent trying to keep up with the schedule I’ve set for myself.


Pretty jealous of that tbf.


Say hi to Dingers for me.

We’ve a babysitter coming so we can have a night out for our mate’s birthday

:bread: :fire:

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Off to Brighton on a football jaunt. Whitehawk v Hendon, looking forward to it, first visit there.

Book, coffee, music, train. Good times. Maybe a little pub crawl on the way back.

Hiya Saturday people! :wave:

Woke up at 5am for no reason whatsoever. Going to get my hair cut in a bit then got some pals coming round for dinner tonight. Planning to make a feta and squash filo :pie:. Reckon its gonna be a disaster.

hello hi how is everyone?

I have work :partying_face: (don’t usually work saturdays) - tbf I’m getting wednesday off because of it, but future me can fuck off, smug idiot

will most likely go for an evening climb afterwards due to spending 7 hours in an underground meeting

hope everyone has a wonderful day :pray:

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I fell knackered today. The other half was out last night and didn’t get in so I had a thoroughly disturbed night’s sleep.

Anyway, I’ll be taking some photos with the big camera this morning - hopefully the weather will hold out. I need a haircut too. Maybe I’ll do that this afternoon. Then tonight there’s a showing of some surf films at the local rehearsal studios (where the owner is a big surfer)

All right. Hair cut this morning, got the Scottish cross country relays in Cumbernauld this afternoon, then through to Edinburgh for a :ghost: spoooky :ghost: Halloween sesh.

Got a cold/sore throat thing. I sound like Leonard Cohen

Pissy miserable day out. At home with the kids on my own today. I hope they like rugby :rugby_football:

Say hi to Dingers!

Off to Birmingham, presuming trains are ok from Euston. SEEING CHER TONIGHT.


Feel like shit lads

My football team won 9-0 last night


Didn’t realise hedgehogs have such cute little ears


I woke up too early after getting to sleep too late. Thanks anxiety!

Not sure whether to give up trying to go back to sleep now or not

Same. Only got an hours sleep. Off on an seven hour accountancy course.