Hmm, a truck just drove through a crowd in Stockholm about 15 mins ago


3 dead

Shit. Hope you and yours are ok.


Well this is awful.

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I was just there earlier this afternoon. Terrifying.

yeah, I’m good & the family are fine

but it was right in the equivalent of Oxford Street - main shopping street/area & Stockholm is much smaller than London of course so already I’ve seen a couple of friend’s instas at the scene


the truck drove right into a department store, police currently have it cordoned off …suspected bomb (as always)
but apparently the truck is on fire or there is a fire in the store

yeah freaky
Good you’re alright

How horrible.

You too bud. Lot of helicopters overhead, apparently the driver is at large?

Also hearing reports of shots fired at Centralen, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

easy on the rumours

having said that, I have two friends in adjacent buildings both of which are currently being evacuated - hopefully just a fire precaution & nothing more

Yeah you’re right. Hope your friends are OK and glad you’re alright


Already seen “It was the immigrants!” comments.

Fuck sake.

Hope everyone’s ok.

here’s a good link for updates if your Swedish is fit to task

Hope you guys and everyone you know / care for are okay.

Fucking hate this world sometimes.

Oh man, love to BITT and anyone else out there, hope y’all and your loved ones are ok.

in case you’re wondering

officially a terrorist attack

source; the Prime Minister speaking on live TV about 90 seconds ago



I hope that Donald Trump isn’t a smug prick about it, now that something’s actually happened.

you know that there will be so much smug pricking

you’re probably not familiar with the Sweden Democrats ? Like UKIP but worse

Fuck :frowning:
Shitting hell.