HMV in administration....again

Not really surprising, is it? The high street can only support so many shops that primarily rely on Funko Pops to make a profit.


Not surprising at all. The most alarming statistic in that article is that the DVD Market has fallen by 30% in one year!

I’m mostly concerned about how this is going to affect Fopp.


Fopp’s just HMV trading under a different name nowadays. Prices are identical. If HMV goes, expect Fopp to go too.

When Fopp was originally acquired by HMV I really liked the little chain called Rise that sprang up from the original owners. Massive lovely shop in Bristol with a few others dotted around. Was a shame to see them get acquired by Rough Trade.


Also not surprising to be honest. Netflix et all have carved out a large part of the market there.


Fopp closing would be a tragedy…for me anyway.

Not surprisng. I just buy movies on my xbox now or stream them

It’s not the post-Christmas, pre-NYE slump until we get the news of what businesses are collapsing.


I think that any feelings I have about Fopp are purely nostalgic. Went into the Cambridge branch and it was a bit of a jumble sale: massive piles of reduced books and pointless vinyl (e.g. Mumford and Sons on display).

Obviously it’s bad news from a jobs / redundancies basis though.


It’s not particularly surprising, I guess. Everyone blames Amazon and streaming but CEX has essentially destroyed the value in most of what they sell.

Can’t wait until town centres are nothing but coffee shops and… more coffee shops.

I still like routing through and buying physical copies of stuff, the only difference now is I buy stuff I already know I like having listened to everything already on Spotify. Will be a shame to see physical stores die out, but it is inevitable.

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Good point about CEX.

Yeah, same here. Having a browse in (mainly) Fopp is a big part of my life.

Now I will only be able to buy used records! What a time to be alivr

Don’t forget the vape shops!

Went into the Edinburgh one yesterday, loads of teenagers getting excited about vinyl being on sale.

Bought a recent Wave Pictures (£10 down from £19) and a Miles Davies album I later found out was issued by a Russian company that releases poor quality CD-transfers of public domain albums. They REALLY shouldn’t be selling stuff like that.


Don’t you
(dun dundun dun dun)
Forget about vaping
Don’t don’t don’t don’t


It’s because you’re all stealing music and using Amazon.

Stop stealing music and using Amazon.

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Don’t forget about those jail break places!