HMV in administration....again


I’ve gone through so many lanyards over the years as I play with them so much they keep breaking.

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Love how this thread is focussed more on the tangents that the subject at hand.

Belfast’s record shops, books and e-readers, lanyards


last minute contender for post of the year imho

yep know this feeling. The shop needs to be a min size or be busy enough that you don’t feel like you’re being judged as you walk out with nothing. The couple of times I’d ask if they had something they’d be like “sorry now it doesn’t look like we do, but I can order it in for next week for you!”. Yeah, I know you can, but I can do that too, I kinda wanted to see if you had it in right now.

We used to have a indie called Rise (about 3 stores in the region…). It was great. Decent size store, enough to mean I could go in there and find 4/5 albums I wanted. Knowledgable staff if I asked, but never felt watched. Did loads of vinyl, later expanded into some trendy clothing and a book section. I spent a lot of money in there.

They’ve now gone (from our town) as the arcade has been turned into a John Lewis. Still one in Bristol and Worcester i think.


The rise in Bristol shut a year or so ago which was a shame. I sort of merged with/became the Rough Trade.

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Your knob.

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i guessed as much but genuinely never heard that before.

regret this diversion


I’d never heard it before moving up here and Al the ones in the office were killing themselves laughing after seeing an ad for ‘discreet lanyards’.
Think it’s an older generation thing though as I don’t here it used much by people my age and younger.

Do they have a non-filth name for a lanyard, then?

It’s not a word that comes up in conversation much. Only the filthy minded ones would joke or snigger tbf.

Reckon they’re messing with you to try yo get you to laugh in company meetings when HR mention it m9 :wink:

yeah none of the Belfast natives i work with have ever sniggered at the word. Belfast slang is always absolutely awful though.

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Well that’s what I deserve for waving my lanyard about tbf!

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anyway, i’m often surprised at how many Quite Young People i see browsing in HMV - not even just the vinyl but the CDs and all. always find it heartening.

whether they buy any is i guess a different matter

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Lots of people always going on for a snoop. Used to do it myself when I worked close to it. Used to buy a bunch of 7" singles every Monday to check out new bands I’d heard about (streaming wasn’t a big thing then - early 2000s) and it was the only place to buy LPs during vinyls dead years.
Just think they tried to be all things to everyone: booms, games, music, hifi equipment etc when all of those have a lot of rival companies.
Feel really bad for folks potentially losing their jobs.

I guess it’s a mistake to assume everyone who’s young is all digital or something. If your family isn’t that rich you probably don’t have much of a device to watch or listen to stuff on, so those 3 for cheap sales of DVDs and CDs or games might be much more use. Shared houses probably still have a TV and PlayStation under to play films on so likely loads of students grab cheap discs from there?


Didn’t realise! Such an awesome store

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