HMV in administration....again

I like how HMV and Fopp have their stuff dust free. Unlike Rough Trade and Sister Ray with their layer of filth. That’s what I’ll miss.

Trouble HMV has is there’s no need for a mass market physical media retailer on the high street any longer - the supermarkets have eaten a good chunk of the physical CD/DVD/Games market for big launches, while online or streaming is quicker and cheaper for back catalogue.

The only thing I can think of that they can do that marks them out as different are things like instore signings, but you can’t build a national brand on getting Primal Scream or The Libertines into one store every couple of years.


You are right - there is no need for a big high street shop for CDs and DVDs anymore. The rise in vinyl sales obviously can’t sustain them. I still maintain that there must be a place for a FOPP-style small shop for CDs/DVDs/Vinyl in every city.


They love being in administration


Yeah I’m not so down on the demise of HMV (though I go to HMV fairly often for music and sitch) as I am down on it probably meaning an even bigger share of profits going to yer audacious parasitic tech bastards

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Don’t forget charity shops.

Incidentally there are tickets still available if anyone wants to see my electroclash revival collective Audacious Parasitic Tech Bastards


Seems like most of the time these sort of businesses go under its not about a lack of demand but because they’ve been subject to some sort of predatory leveraged buy out that just strips the value out of the business.


the good record shops in Belfast have all basically closed in the last year or two and HMV is one of the only places left. they also have a couple of cool people with good taste working there who are always playing good albums when i’m in and seem to keep the place well stocked with decent stuff.

as such i’m there all the time and if it closes it’ll be very much an end of an era for me and i won’t really have anywhere to go anymore.

I feel for you as having no record shops to browse in would be a nightmare for me. I don’t visit HMV all that often, but i am in Fopp all the time and would be very disappointed if it was to close.

I’ve just moved to a small city (population about 130,000) that doesn’t have a record or cd shop. I do think it’s a bit sad tbh.

Bit shit for anyone foolish enough to buy vouchers for Xmas.
Sneaky move there HMV.


Yous in Belfast?
Theres a record shop up in Botanic that does new LPs and a new store opeend up out back of Castlecourt that does new stuff too I think.
Always online of course :slight_smile:
Havent been in HMV since the last time it went bust.

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haven’t been in the Botanic one much as i thought it was still basically old vintage shop shite, might try it again in that case. is the Castlecourt one Belfast Underground Records? that place seems great if you’re really into dance music but shite if you’re into anything else, i don’t really bother going in anymore.

Dragon is still good if mostly second hand, and good for the odd bargain CD, i’m still a big CD buyer though so HMV (and Head, RIP) is good for me. online isn’t the same as picking something up on a whim really.

Plus the smell


The weird thing about CEX is they check all the DVDs you sell them, however, when you buy a DVD it is quite often in a right state.


The one on botanic used to be a clothes shop, now only sells records. They have some decent stuff

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Never had a problem with anything I’ve bought in there fwiw

Usually smells awful though.


I think I was in it once when it had only just turned into a record shop but it didn’t seem great, it’s probably improved since so I must try it again

Hope it stays open til after new year so I can have a quick raid of the sale first at least

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