Ho Chi Minh

I quite like him.

FM Legend!

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My sis got me a Ho Chi Minh poster from vietnam on her gap year that hung above the cooker for 2 years until a new housemate replaced him with a generic painting of a bunch of flowers.

Miss my cooking buddy.

Was hoping this would be another travel thread about going to the largest city in Vietnam.


Reckon he’d be a solid shout at a Pointless answer if they ever did a “people mentioned in We Didn’t Start the Fire” round. See also: Sally Ride.

Apparently he pretended he was completely celibate because he was so bloody busy with the ol’ communism, but he was really a right dirty bastard.

Bit like Mozzer.

He wants be your friend.

Came here to say I preferred Hanoi

Saigon City

Never been to Vietnam but it’s always been a dream of mine to go with a bunch of friends and come back with a really intricate in-joke, so whenever someone asks us to explain it, we can say “You weren’t there, man, you weren’t there…”

I definitely didn’t work this into conversation several times when I came back. As if coming back from Vietnam and talking about it lots didn’t make me obnoxious enough already!

Very different cities. Each good in their own right. Think overall I preferred Hanoi cause it still has all that neat colonial architecture and feels a bit more relaxed. Saigon was livelier and a bit like Bangkok but I felt less like I was going to get mugged.

Having said that I did get my phone nicked in Saigon. But it was possibly the most eventful night out I’ve ever had so on balance it was worth it.