So because I am up late I am watching a programme called Hoarding: Buried Alive. I completely empathise with people who have an issue with hoarding. My house isn’t the tidiest, and I’m notorious for leaving clothes out on the floor, but this is next level. Rooms are piled with crap. I have a lot of dust, and things aren’t organised, but I hope I’d never let it get to a position where there are layers of detritus.

Does anyone have a problem with hoarding? Can we share some ideas for solving the problem?


My mother was a hoarder and all of her children struggle with it, to varying degrees of success. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is supposed to help but my experience with it is limited.


Not a hoarder in the slightest but can easily see how it happens.

Remember Mr Trebus from Life of Grime?! :sob::blue_heart:


There’s a programme I’ve watched a few times where they clean someone’s absolute shithole house out then at the end the owner comes in and they’re like omg it’s amazing. But I can see in their eyes they want all their stuff back.


Remember the one where the dog shat on the floor immediately after they showed the owner the transformation.


I remember seeing a programme with a hoarder who used to throw all his empty toilet rolls into a pile in the corner of his bathroom. Was disgusted but also slightly impressed by the sheer laziness.

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still not great but less hoardy than i used to be, probs cos of having to keep all my stuff in my room and getting sick of it
gave a load of old magazines to my housemate recently :+1:

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wasn’t allowed pets as a kid but used to collect toilet rolls so one day if i got a pet mouse i could use them to construct some sort of playground for it


The opposite. Will probably regret it later in life


Not too good at clearing out my stuff but very good at throwing away the wife and kids’ stuff


My bedroom is a shit heap but that’s down to lack of willingness to tidy it (too much stuff for the amount of storage space means reducing the amount of stuff is a difficult job - where do i put it while I’m sorting it?).

I worry about my mum’s hoarding tendencies a bit, and what will happen if my dad isn’t around to keep them in check. A while ago i found she was keeping bits of cardboard “in case they come in handy” - for what??


Think I’ve mentioned it before but I hoard bubble wrap at work. Got a locker full of it.


Think I have definite hoarder tendencies if I don’t actively and regularly address them. When I was in my Bad Time I found I was “saving” loads of stuff - all my receipts, stacks of newspapers and magazines, even picking up things I found like screws on the pavement and bringing them home. All useless, but I was obsessed with the idea that they might be useful or I might need them, and there was a weird satisfaction in knowing I was prepared or something. It was never a hoarder’s mess because I’ve always been tidy as well, but the stuff itself was disturbing.

Post Bad Time I try and head myself off by doing the opposite throwing stuff out as quickly as possible and trying to downsize all my clutter.


My board game collection is an entirely appropriate size, thankyouverymuch.

just ordered another one

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I think I’m the same.

I do hoard, but I file everything away neatly and pack it all away.

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Is It bad that I am like you in your bad time!?! I don’t like seeing things go to waste even if I don’t need them!


I like to run a pretty streamlined ship but there are things that I do keep hold of probably unnecessarily.


I’d argue that a six month old newspaper piled neatly in my living room is more of a “waste” than it going into recycling.


I have a draw full of vintage car magazines from the 70’s. I am not into cars, they are probably not worth anything but I cant throw them away, I have been looking for anyone who might want them for about a year now