What’s your favourite?


Moon landing


Round earth


The Beatles never existed




What was that shit about all those computer games buried in the desert?


Crop circles were pretty decent

Loads of articles/ new features and stuff and in the end it was just a couple of blokes with some bits of wood


Oh and the Hitler Diaries were good too


and those old photos of Fairies




The Reading Festival (or wherever) rumours, pre-mobile internet days. Clive Anderson has died etc.


Lisa shot Phil



The moon has never landed.


Copies of ET?



just remembered old Canoe man. The word canoe does not look right at all typed out does it?


Ah, I couldn’t remember his name. Great story.


I just googled Canoe man - thought that would be well within your skillset :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On my journalism course, we spent a day with an ex-detective who tried to give us tips on how to work better with the police, and the last case he ever worked was canoe man. He seemed really disappointed that it was all so fucking daft.