Hobbies & Projects Update


Hi guys how are your hobbies and projects? Do not include freelance work. Over to you SAD.


Won a small Netrunner tournament today. Also won the next tier up of events a few months ago, and made the finals in another (including splitting with last year’s UK national champion).

So project “Become Quite Good At Netrunner” is going alright. Next test: regionals.



I handed in the one-minute film I made for my uni’s competition. Me and my friends who worked on it were slightly relieved when someone who hadn’t been involved seemed to enjoy it and find it funny (our own laughter being inseparable from remembering making it). It is linked to the competition theme in very tenuous (occasionally audaciously so) ways and has me doing a silly voice and running around campus (during open days, we found out) in a Miami Vice costume.

I finished the third draft of the short film screenplay I have to write. It’s improving, but I still think it might still be a bit meh. Still, I’m glad I actually finished something I started writing; and it seems to be a good start and all that.

Started working on a new Mute Branches album as well on-and-off. Two tracks are finished, both sort of ambient and depressing and which I really like. Started doing a bit of recording / continually planning another one which I think would be the opener, but I’m not 100% sure about what I’ve got so far. There’s an annoying lack of confidence / abundance of frustrated impatience I have when starting something totally from scratch. I feel like my skills aren’t as consistently present as I’d rather they were.


getting back into playing live music and halfway putting a band together
writing a new album
been working on some silly little videos just for fun
that’s about it
not bad/10


Guys this has gotten off to a great start thank you


Got a climb in mind which would be my hardest to date so just training for the next couple of months (it will be a 20 min drive rather than 4.5 hours once we move up to Leeds).


put up a band members wanted ad recently, got a couple of encouraging responses, met up with a couple of people but was thwarted by my lack of social skills/laziness, decided to start a surf goth band with a friend instead, we have one song so far but it might just be a miserlou cover. still working on my gloomy demos, came up with a piano riff recently that I quite like, but being thwarted by my natural lack of rhythm (which is akin to walking along while punching a ballon)




I was just in a hobby craft for kids homework reasons . I came this > < close to buying a 1:72 Airfix spitfire and paints.


Should have just done it, so much enjoyment from tiny plastic war machines. You could have thumbtacked it to your ceiling like it was flying! I did not go outside much as a child.


Totes should have gone for it


My ATD in Newcastle has taken up Warhammer again. I keep thinking about getting into 40K because the models seem easier to paint but I keep remembering how much I was annoyed by some of the professional nerds who spoiled Pathfinder when I tried to play that.

I also don’t really like painting models.


Honestly the hardest thing about penoid hobbies is finding people to play with who aren’t weapons grade irritating. I’m very lucky with Netrunner in that respect - the actual adults: professional nerd ratio is really good.

There’s loads of non-Warhammer miniatures games around these days. Have you looked at the X-Wing miniatures game? The models are pre-painted and the community has a really good reputation.


After playing almost every week since about October I’m still just ‘getting the hang’ of bridge. Uggggh it’s SO HARD. On the other hand I have to say it is smugly satisfying to be looking down on all other card, even game, players from the apex of the genre. Thinking of going to a bridge club soon but need to do a few sessions first with no talking to practise - at the moment I feel like I have to ask questions all the time, but actually if I just took the plunge it would prob get easier quicker. I have an instinctive learning brain as opposed to a researchy-swotting up brain. Have a slight problem though that you need a partner and there’s only three of us regularly playing - the fourth has a life so doesn’t come as much and is a bit behind, and the other two are my wife and her friend who she wants to be a partner with.

Started playing more banjo again. Found a 40 min video on right hand claw hammer technique, my biggest downfall, which I’m very much looking fwd to watching today.


I’ve not looked at anything other than Warhammer - partly because of nostalgia from my early teens and partly because I know I could access a mostly GBOL if I ever moved back.

I don’t actually think I have time for more hobbies to be honest.


Trying to make a record but who knows


starting to train for a really long and arduous bike ride in july - 7/10

have pretty much sacked off skiing because climate change has pretty much ruined it (that’s my excuse) - 2/10

going to start the veg patch soon and get squillions of chillies growing as soon as it’s definitely not gonna frost over - 5/10

bought a gamecube on ebay as a sort of nostalgia project/collection, got 3 games and one of them doesn’t work, haven’t been arsed to build the display cabinet thing. Want to get a snes and wii and megadrive and all sorts as it progresses but probs never will) - 3/10


forgot Jigsaws! What a great hobby! got one for xmas, couldn’t be arsed to finish it so TV did, never gonna get another one. 8/10


Will be doing my first long distance cycle (London to Brighton) in August to raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity who helped out my ma-in-law so much after she was diagnosed.


Whereabouts you cyclin hun?

Good plan. I recommend