Hobby thread

Apologies if this has been done before, had a quick search but couldn’t find anything similar.

What would you class as your hobbies? What hobbies would you like to become part of your life? To what extent do you think you have the capacity to start a new hobby rather than just talking about doing so on an internet forum?

Always been someone who has just had moderate interest in music, books, gaming etc. but in a way that is more of an “interest” than a hobby…and I’d like greater focus. I guess having my dog is the closest thing…takes up time with training/walking, but it is very rewarding.

I might get into larping

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trying to haggle for a 2nd hand badge maker


Quite into penoid card games. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that before.


A lot of creative stuff / taking my amateurish ability way too seriously

Not sure I can say boardgames any more, because any event that I go to with people I don’t already know is always filled with absolute fucking Klingons and I can’t be arsed with that.

I think all the bearable people get removed from the general boardgaming public over time as they assemble into groups with the other bearable people, such that the public meet-ups are necessarily the bottom of the fucking barrel.

Which buffy podcast?

Used to do theatre stuff as a hobby. Hard to do outside of uni though- I can’t sing and amateur drama in the real world tends to be musicals or doing a panto. Alas :scream:

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My main hobby at the minute is snooping on the financial details of directors of firms i’ve worked for on company check websites.

That and watching Cuban pornography.


No but I’m in the market for one, want to do a full rewatch and listen to a episode by episode podcast at the same time, there’s quite a few and don’t know which one is the best.

The talk the line podcast where people talk about stuff they are into, the Kate Nash one was on buffy, really enjoyed that

I’m into thinking about making music at the moment, hope to move into more actual music making shortly


I’ll check it out thanks

Trying to get out and join things and watch things or listen to things instead of staying in the house.

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Do you have a recipe?

Embroidery/sewing/knitting/crochet. I don’t think i can fit any more hobbies in - literally, my bedroom is full of wool


Sorry, no hobbies here.


Aside from being part of at least 10 different musical projects? I guess you could call that more of a casual past time…

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Feel like this is typical of most creative societies outside of university…far too many focusing on currently popular forms of art and next to no diversity (especially in less metropolitan areas).

Has anybody done geo-tracking before?

Drinking stout is a hobby.

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