Hold On Now, Youngster is 10 Years Old Today

And we are all old and we are all dying.


Still their best album. Great band.

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Is that all? Feels like it should be more like 12 years

@kiyonemakibi second best album (after Sick Scenes)

NO BLUES > Romance is Boring > Hello Sadness > Sick Scenes > We Are Beautiful > Youngsters

This is hard, but I think…

Hello Sadness > Sick Scenes > Romance is Boring > No Blues > WAB > HONY

But I genuinely love them all.

I’ll bite

Romance Is Boring > WAB, WAD, Hello Sadness > No Blues > Sick Scenes > HON, Y

Hold On Now, Youngster
No Blues
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
Sick Scenes
Romance is Boring
Hello Sadness


I didn’t hear it until approx 1 year after it came out, but still.

They ought to reissue it on vinyl, it’s impossible to get hold of. NOT their best album tho, that would be Romance Is Boring

Hello. My version has a second disc on orange vinyl with an etching on side D. Have never played that disc.


I also have that, think it might be worth a relatively decent amount


Fucking Hell, €57 at least on Discogs!

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When I say “impossible to get hold of” I mean “fuck paying much more than £20 for a record as an absolute ceiling, especially 2nd hand”

Wow. Time flies. Love this band. Hope they do something to mark the anniversary…

Anyway, order of favourites…I reminder absolutely rinsing Hello Sadness after their gig at Leeds when the record came out.

Hello Sadness - Sick Scenes - Romance is Boring - No Blues - HON, Y - WAB

Hopefully we can expect a formal apology the way the government has apologised for similar atrocities.


Hold On Now, Oldster

From you for this post?

Nobody’s going to force you, but it’d be the decent thing

first gig my tv and i went to was los camp in falmouth 2009/2010. was good. don’t really like their music much but was good show

Saw them shortly before this came out at the Astoria supporting Future Of The Left and Les Savy Fav. Great gig. Think this was 2007? Might be the band I’ve seen live the most.

Been a fan since We Throw Parties. But now I can’t really enjoy anything they did from before WABWAD. It all got a lot better. Thinking about International Tweexcore Underground makes me cringe.

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