Hold On Now, Youngster is 10 Years Old Today


I was gonna do this when @marsbarbarbar wondered about the WABWAD hate, my answer being that there’s no songs on it that would come close to cracking my top 10 fave LC songs (well, Ways to Make it through the Wall might come close).

My list will get no ^thises. With the exception of the excellent Sick Scenes, LC are a fun-time songs band for me, more than an album band, and I like the singles and the songs that are more widely known and loved (except by fans). Also, I still love the early “twee” (read: fun) stuff, because I’m old enough to not give a shit what anyone thinks and hence don’t feel the least bit embarrassed about liking what I like.

In no particular order (well, actually, it’s more or less chronological order), though the first one is the one I’d single out as my absolute fave:

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks
You! Me! Dancing! (fuck you all!)
Death to Los Campesinos
I Just Sighed
The Sea is a Good Place
By Your Hand
Hello Sadness
What Death Leaves Behind
Avocado Baby!
Sad Suppers
I Broke Up in Amarante
Got Stendhal’s


pfft. wtf would gareth know?


Tickets bought! (Standing, of course). See you in the pit!


Admittedly they seem to have improved musically later on from tracks I’ve heard, but the vocals and a lot of the song titles and lyrics remain largely Not For Me, Clive.

But I’ll not take up the nice positive thread with any more negative vibez


Doesn’t the lead singer write the lyrics impromptu in the studio? I really wish he would spend more time drafting and re-drafting his lyrics in the space between albums. My favourite song is probably by your hand or what death leaves behind. Lyrically those song songs flow well and have a more conventional song structure


Massively hyped for this tonight!! Playing about 36 songs according to Twitter, which must be around half their discography :open_mouth:


Jesus, that’s too many songs.



Great show!


Wasn’t enough if anything!


Incredible scenes there. I’m glad I lived to tell the tale! Arrived 15 minutes after advertised door times and didn’t get the opportunity to get a t shirt tho :triumph:


Yeah, same. Had my eye on the 10th anniversary tee and the Hello Sadness sweatshirt but massive pre gig queue to the merch stand. Gareth did say toward the end that t shirts had gone and they’ll stick them online later… would be mad not to print another run of all the designs. About 30% of my wardrobe is LC! tees so would probably end up buying the lot…


Yeah same, got about 12 LC! t shirts as an off the top of my head estimate, would love to add these to the cache. I had the t shirt version of the Hello Sadness jumper years ago and loved it, but it went walkabout a few years ago, been a bit gutted about that so a replacement would be very welcome. I’d be happy to pay for one of the posters they were handing out free also.


Great choice of tunes to open and close on too


What a lovely night. Got to see many pals I’ve met over the years of LC! gig attendance.


Could have done with more off No Blues but yeah, it was a lot of fun.


Weird seeing them up there on a massive stage playing to a big big crowd and having merch sold by people not in the band. I do like seeing them play small venues and back rooms of pubs and stuff, but this was a special occasion, felt like yer 6th form leavers do where all your mates who’ve worn trackies for the past 2 years are wearing dresses and loads of hairspray but are still drunk gobshites.

I’m also pleased to report that my girlfriend loved it, this was her first LC! show, she started listening to them earlier in the year after I’d spent ages trying to hide them from her because I thought it was exactly the sort of thing she’d mock but she ended up obsessed as I am. She made us go down the front like young people, so today my voice is gone and my legs are fucked up. :+1:



Also - there were guys selling bootleg t-shirts outside the venue! Sick scenes indeed.


Yeah! It felt pretty personal to see LC! knock-offs getting sold on a tarp outside, had a mind to smarten that fella up (although I am not at all violent).


Still can’t get over how good this was, spoke to a few strangers who were there on the tube/train home and everyone just seemed ecstatic, great night.

Also obligatory:
WABWAD=RIB=NB>HS>HONY>SS, all are great but those top 3 are untouchable, whereas Sick Scenes seems like the first one where they aren’t pushing for something new and feels a bit too straightforward for my liking


Reverse order for me, or near enough (would keep RIB reasonably high up, probably 3rd)