Excited for this!!


I really liked The Inheritors…don’t some people still view him as a fraud or something?

Regardless, he’s really good.

Fraud? In what sense?


I like the track. Much more Holden-y than the Maalem Mahmoud Guinia collab. Will always be interested in new material from him.

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I remember there being quite a lot of skepticism over his previous music…that he was more of a schlocky remixer and sunset soundtracker than a proper artist. I certainly don’t agree with those claims, though.

I always thought people were showering him with praise fairly early on I remember “The Idiots Are Winning” garnering quite a lot of plaudits. Then again perhaps that was the turning point :thinking:


Think that album completed his transition from dancefloor oriented electronic music (progressive house, as was the style at the time) to more chin strokey album oriented stuff. Did a good job at both though. His 2003 Balance mix is seen as one of the defining DJ mixes of the 00s, though would resonate much less with IDM fans.


I like the new track, although can appreciate it might be a little ‘jazz’ for some tastes… Got a bit of an Albert Ayler feel to it.

Given the conversation above, it’s interesting to note some fans still pining for more techno-type output on Holden’s Facebook page. I think they’ll be waiting a long while to be honest.

Im sure some people do. In the same way Nicolas Jaar might have been viewed as a fraud. As in they both built up so much hype around them that some people of course have a backlash against it.

Personally I wish he went back to his dance stuff. Inheritors is good but a very difficult album want something a bit more fun. An expanded band might do this! Excited to see where this leads!

If he can put out anything to rival Blackpool Late Eighties, I’ll be astounded. A brilliant bit of catharsis on an extremely technical album.


This sounds really good!!

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Love the production on this thing!

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This is fucking great!

Really enjoying this sounds like the collaborators have added some live flourishes to his sound.

New album is finally out today! On first listen I like it a lot. Sounds really modern and retro 70’s at the same time.

I think it is fair to say that this is James Holden’s Masterpiece. One which he shall be remembered for in years to come. Loving it.

excited about this album. will get it in over t’weekend

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Another album going in my top 10 of the year. It is truly wonderful. So many ideas and influences yet sounding utterly unique. I’m actually gutted I have to go to work tonight because I won’t be able to listen to it until tomorrow!


This is fantastic! Loving the 70s jazz vibes, it’s like modern version of Journey in Satchidananda.

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I really liked it on first listen. Not sure I could go as talking about masterpieces yet, but we’ll see :wink: