I really liked it on first listen. Not sure I could go as talking about masterpieces yet, but we’ll see :wink:


excellent! for some reason I didn’t notice this was out today - must be something to do with a little popular rock band beginning with C.


Highlight of a very good album, for my money. I’ll certainly give his new stuff a listen when I get a minute.


The track titles are epic too!


Never heard of him before yesterday. A brilliant album.


Anyone else still absolutely rinsing this? It’s so good. Makes me weirdly happy.

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It’s a masterpiece


I haven’t plumbed its depths yet but there’s a real feeling of joy to it as it fills up every space in the room.


Listened to The Animal Spirits when it came out then kind of forgot about out. Just put it on again now, absolutely incredible stuff.

Any recommendations for similar stuff. The only thing I can think of is Journey in Satchidananda that I mentioned up thread.


a bunch of pharoah sanders stuff from around the same time as journey in satchidanada has that feel. but you get 5 minutes chunks of him screeching every so often.


early Floating Points possibly fits the bill perhaps a little moodier than Holden though.


This is not early Floating Points.


Ah my mistake I tend to go by albums and this is from the debut but I suppose that rule doesn’t really apply so much to electronic musicians who I guess release more EPs/Singles etc.


Fair enough. I may have been a little blunt. It’s just that his sound has changed a lot from the early, housey tracks. Any excuse to post this tbh

Everything he’s done is great though. Elaenia is properly brilliant.


Finally picked up this album last week. Don’t know why I didn’t get involved earlier - I loved his previous two albums proper. I literally think that I might have subliminally been put off by the ‘Animal Spirits’ moniker.

Anyway, it is absolutely brilliant. Good omens when I went to pay for it in Rough Trade East and the guy behind that counter told me ‘That’s a fucking great album’.

Anyone caught it live? Worried that I may have missed my chance unless he visits some festivals this summer :neutral_face:


Saw this late last year, was a very enjoyable show, at Islington Assembly Hall, was better live than just listening to the album, for me at any ratee.

Might be a biased view as I absolutely loved The Inheritors, and saw that live at least 3 times, so most things would suffer by comparison.


New show at Queen Elizabeth Hall on sale now…