Holding Out For a Haemo


Just thought of that, not sure what to do with it. Anyone here write health pamphlets or anything? You can have that for free.

Anyone else got anything to share?

Happy Birthday Antpoc!

I’m a big fan of veggie Percy Pigs except that green on the ears looks really unappetising.


They say you eat with your eyes


That’s just a wild rumour.


This is an awful thing to see


Google Image searching ‘mouths for eyes’ is utterly compelling and horrific at the same time.


I will never do it


That’s fucking grim :fearful:


saw the word trypophobia written down and googled it - really really made my skin crawl for weeks.

it’s the fear of irregular holes - doesn’t sound bad, but really got me for some reason.

[off to google mouths for eyes now]


have caffe nero done an ad campaign called “holding out for a nero”, yet? missing a trick if not.


This is much better than my one.