Hole punch

Waste of time. Why would anyone bother in this day and age?

It was very useful to me in my younger student days, i used to organise my notes in binders. No use for them now as a phd student in this digital age

Yeah, no need for a hole in a digital doc


“Just have to e-staple my e-mails”
“Just have to e-hole punch my e-mails”

Look at this nerd sticking a hyphen in the word email

Which nerd?

I’ve never used a digital hole punch, nor would I want to


Marc off Kenan and Kel

I saw that! You said “Lenan and Kel”!!!

Here we are


Because of this thread, first chance to get when I see a hole somewhere I am going to punch it

I should say, when I mean a hole I am referring to a hole in a wall or the road. Not punching holes in an anatomical manner.

What a spiteful response


What’s the most holes you punched at once in your hole punch career?
  • 2
  • 4
  • Other fucking numbers
  • Never punched a god damn hope in my god damn life

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I used to enjoy using hole reinforcement rings after punching holes


I bet you did you dirty old bollocks


Four holes x multiple sheets