Holiday advice


Need somewhere that’s…

  • Cheap as chips
  • Hot in November/December
  • Not full of British people
  • 3 hours max flight from Manchester









Anywhere in Romania is the answer to this question.

Edit: not the hot bit



Not sure it’s possible that anywhere will fulfill all your criteria though


I don’t think a 3 hour flight from Manchester is going to get you to anywhere that will be hot as such in nov/dec


wouldn’t go to tunisia at the moment tbh


I know but I was making the best of a difficult brief…


good point!

it’s certainly cheap these days :frowning:


Full of British ppl


Not sure if anywhere within a 3 hr flight of central europe will be hot in nov/dec tbh. You’d need to go south of the equator for that, no?

Edit: That being said, I’m pretty sure that countries or regions that are normally associated with mass tourism can be nice as long as you know where to go. So basically find an area that you would like and google your way to some lesser known locations.




Or maybe Rhyl


Actually I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.


Based upon your flight time (why 3 hours?), one of the Greek islands. Not that many places hot within a 3 hour flight of Manchester in Nov/Dec.


Tenerife. It has a bad reputation, and parts are cheesey/rammed with English. But if you pick a part that is less commercial, it’s an amazing place. More than 3 hours away though (maybe 4?). El Medona on the south, or places like Puerto de la Cruz on the north are less commercial and less stuffed with English.

We go in November and temp is 25ish. Perfect.


Seville will be relatively hot? Could get a game in as well


Just checked and the flight time is exactly 3 hours. High of 20 Low of 10.


I have mulled over this criteria and have decided re correct answer

Is centreparks