Holiday homes / 2nd homes

This affects many rural and coastal communities throughout the UK. This example is pretty horrible really. As the article says this place could be converted into a affordable home for a local family.

Has anyone suffered as a result of being priced out of their local community due to holiday homes?

Also interested to know how much is known outside of Wales of Meibion Glydwr…

Fucked isn’t it. I think it’s the same for people letting to be honest. I’ve a few old school friends who’ve started driving Range Rovers, buying property to let, voting Tory. I try not to speak to them now.


Yeah really grim. Makes the places worse to live in and worse to visit. Lots of places in the peak district are absolutely filled with 2nd homes and holiday rentals. People shouldn’t be allowed to own more than one house.


Love 'em, I’ve got two. What did you want to know?


The group first came to prominence in 1979. In the first wave of attacks, eight English-owned holiday homes were destroyed within the space of a month. In 1980 Welsh Police carried out a series of raids in Operation Tân in an effort to find the culprits. Within the next ten years around 220 properties were damaged by the campaign.[1] It peaked in the late 1980s with the targeting of Conservative MPs’ homes and David Hunt, the then Welsh secretary, was a target in 1990. The group is poised to resume its campaign in response to popular poster “Epimer” from the music site Drowned in Sounds claim to have two holiday homes.

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A small village near where I grew up is now crawling with Pharmaceutical execs and men who tanked the world economy in 2008. They’re pricing everyone out of the area with their shitty housing developments and recently tried to cancel the village festival because it was ‘disruptive’.

Mind you, I bet plenty of the houses are left unattended 10 months of the year so would be great to rob.

Good film about it.

(and other things)


Yeah need to see that.

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Was going to mention that! Great film!

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Very good. Would be an ideal double bill with The Lighthouse (which is not about holiday homes).


Spoilers ffs


i don’t think my (our?) home town is desirable enough or located close enough to the sea to ever be filled with second homes but you still seem to get tonnes of opposition to house building cause everyone gets in their head that they’ll all go to second home buyers. i swear people just finish school and need somewhere to live but then the whole town moans online about house building 🤷 . seems much more likely to become buy to let’s than holiday homes.

my sister lives in somewhere that’s a bit like the film Bait but i don’t think it’s fully gone - although i’ve seen youtubers going there so maybe it’s on it’s way?

Pretty fucked around here. Huge percentage of houses here are second homes or holiday lets. It’s pricing a massive amount of people, especially young people, out of ever buying around here. We viewed a house a while ago that has appeared on Airbnb this week under the new owners.
Having said that, I live in a rural, coastal place thst relies massively on tourist income to survive and basically shuts down completely out of season so it’s absolutely not a black and white issue, it just needs a severe overhaul of ratios and quotas for affordable local housing etc.


yep, interesting to see a few places in Cornwall adopting a ratio approach to the issue. I’ll try and find the article when I get 5.

Or is it…?

This is a bit old and not what I was looking for but very interesting.

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Also features the violinist from Black Country New Road/Jockstrap, too.

Who wrote this?!

I did consider unpopular but didn’t want to be a meanie.

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Not that I wrote it of course.