Holiday packing tips

Any advance on “save space by packing your teabags in your travel kettle?”

Putting socks in shoes is always a classic.

Go somewhere that already has a kettle


just generally putting stuff in other stuff is a good rule.

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Also… what is this “holiday” of which you speak?


The trick is to operate under maximum pressure. For example, if you’re getting a lift to the airport, don’t start packing until you’re pretty sure that there’s at most 15 minutes until pick-up.


pack in a rush in the last 2 hours before you need to leave, good way to focus your mind and forget all the inessential stuff you don’t really need



you missed Thursday sorry

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Wear every item of clothing you’re taking on the way there and back


Jimmy Hamilton is a (n orange) fucking weirdo.


I thought of exactly this tbh

I put it all up my ass.


Was expecting more chat about the batshit ideas from the article tbh but I appreciate the genuine offers of advice too

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Well I started with the first!

And then realised they were all just as bad.

I think people should stop promoting solutions that involve 35mm film canisters now.

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which have you done/would consider doing

  • Duct tape
  • Swim naked
  • Do laundry on holiday
  • Cling film over bottles
  • photograph everything your taking
  • Mix up the stuff your packing with your fellow travellers
  • leave knickers at home
  • take a spork
  • make a spreadsheet
  • vacuum pack stuff
  • roll up clothes
  • take a suction hook
  • avoid hard suitcases
  • old film canister full of emergency stuff
  • use packing cubes
  • comedy ticking every option, option

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I think the hard suitcases one is probably a good shout. I mean I’ve got hard suitcases and I’m unlikely to replace them anytime soon but it’s a fair point - they are shit.

I don’t understand why you’d rather have to do laundry during a holiday than just take more underwear. What a way to spend your time, scrubbing pants in a tiny sink.


Just stamp on them in the shower every day. Works fine.

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