Holiday packing tips



roll up your clothes.

take a bag for clean clothes and a bag for dirty clothes when you’re packing to come home.

Try and put heavy stuff to where the bottom of your case will be when you’re wheeling it along.

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Also think Jason is copping out. Why not just go naked for the whole holiday? [Also solves the pants washing issues]


Or just wear yr duds while swimming, 2 birds one stone.

Handwashing is hard work and I like to be confident that my pants are fully clean. I will not be scrubbing pants in the shower during a holiday. In fact, thinking back to when the washing machine broke and i had to handwash my pants and socks until the landlord replaced it, if that ever happens again i will just buy new underwear until I can machine wash it again.

Yeah horses for courses innit. I have to admit I learned this trick from Mrs F when we went interrailing, her being a veteran of backpacking across Asia and me… not. It is genuinely surprising how clean you can get a few lightly worn clothes just by bunging them under your feet and having a bit of a trample. Not laundry fresh obvs, but objectively clean and non-smelly.

Also a bit depressed that none of the travel tips are “take a first aid kit”, or am I safe in assuming everyone thinks this is a no-brainer?

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Yeah, but how much room does underwear take up? I’d much rather take one less pair of trousers, or put a hoody in my hand luggage than run out of pants

Probably fine by backpacker standards since nobody expects a backpacker to smell amazing!

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But then where would your travel kettle go?

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True enough, but if your clothes still smell after doing that you haven’t used enough soap or trampled enough!

Needs its own thread, or at the very least a poll.

When we went Interrailing a couple of years ago, it was very much like this. We bought one of these:

And then everything else was a weight/space-saving exercise:

  • only took five days’ worth of clothing (and the shoes we were wearing) and a tube of travel wash
  • got a couple of old tablets for the girls for their reading material, downloaded audiobooks
  • scanned and copied relevant pages of the Lonely Planet guides onto them to save lugging round a massive book
  • other stuff I’m sure

The bag was still super-heavy but it was part of the fun of the holiday.

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Well there was the first one who suggested that the roll of duct tape could be used for that purpose. I like the idea though that someone who can’t spare the space for a week’s worth of pants is going to take a roll of tape, which will be easily available in most holiday destinations, on the off chance of breaking a sandal (also easily available at most holiday destinations)

I don’t take a full first aid kit but i will take small stuff like plasters

It’s very important it’s bright orange though. People need to see you coming :smiley:

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I can kind of see the point in photocopying the guide book, but for me half the fun of a holiday somewhere new is leafing through it in the downtime, even the bits about places I’m not going to get to.

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I might be wrong here, but I’m also dubious that duct tape is a good makeshift solution to many wounds. Getting it off again is going to be unpleasant at best, it’s not at all breathable and I don’t think it sticks well to wet things.

Did 8 months on 4 tshirts, 4 pairs of boxers, 4 pairs of socks, 2 shirts, 2 long trousers,2 pairs of shorts, pair of hiking boots, pair of sandles, a fleece and a raincoat.

Piece of piss


Did 3 days in germany in the same clothes once too

I once went to Poland for a couple of days with one of those absolutely tiny Kankens. You all take too much stuff away with you I reckon.