Holiday planning for April 2019 onwards

With all the uncertainty caused by Brexit cuntery, is anyone taking the plunge? We were considering a trip to the Baltics but I’m really not sure whether to make the booking in case it all falls to pieces. Any hints, tips, extreme pessimism?

Might just book an outgoing flight in March and strand myself over there…

hopefully going to peru

Probably going To Norway in Feb but my aunt pays for everything (not the flights) plus they aren’t in the EU so no drama.

Going to embrace the stiff upper lip mentality and go for three weeks to weston-super-mare

The TV and I are planning a sabbatical for next summer. We’re taking the kids and dogs motorhoming around Scandinavia for 5 weeks (ferry into Holland, drive up through Germany to Denmark, over from Copenhagen into Sweden, and then Norway, before working our way back).

I’ve looked at ferry crossings, and some websites about how to plan for a Scandinavian road trip, and that’s about it. Largely living on blind optimism at the moment to be honest.


We spent an afternoon in Weston this summer. Recently I have seen both Cromer and Bognor and they are genteel wonderlands compared to the horrors of Weston.

I have to go to Blackpool quite regularly. Doubt weston is worse

I haven’t been to Blackpool but yeah it probably is worse and probably a lot fewer stag/hens in Weston.

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Greece for May half term. Easyjet flights for next year go on sale on Wednesday guys :+1:


Planning to go to Slovenia at some point. Are they in the EU? Seems like every twat has been to Lake Bled recently. Don’t want to miss out!

Weston is really bleak. It’s like what Blackpool may one day collapse into.

Fucking hell!

Ooo, thanks for the tip.

Gotta get boarding holiday sorted but as that will be (a) in Switzerland; (b) before April and (c) ludicrously expensive anyway because it’s in fucking Switzerland, doesn’t really matter.

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Imagine Blackpool but without any close population centres to provide a fairly steady stream of tourists or particular landmarks or events that it can proudly cling to. Weston has had a fifty year head start on its decline. It’s magnificent in its way, like the ruins of Rome.

Mallorca, obviously.

Also angling to take a week’s family holiday in Berlin over the school summer holidays, ideally when the beer festival is on. Going to have to use all my sales skills on the thinly veiled for that I feel…

My brother and his gf are getting married in late march next year. I keep trying to add to the stress by asking if they’ve factored in that Brexit will almost certainly cancel their honeymoon.

It is. It is also a very lovely country. I was there on holiday for a few days last December.

Pal from work is going away over Brexit D-Day weekend. Think she’s hoping she won’t be able to get back.

Love the idea of ringing up work and being all “yeah, flight’s delayed. How long? Dunno, how long is it going to take to negotiate a new flying treaty?”


I’ve got two holidays before Brexit - a long weekend coming up in a few weeks, then a month long trip to Oz. Hopefully that’ll leave the holiday itch satiated for long enough for Brexit to sort itself out.

I quite like a trip to Cornwall anyway :confused: