Holiday planning for April 2019 onwards



My goal is to visit every European country by the end of 2020 and I still have 9 to go (as of a week and a half’s time). Only 2 are in the EU (Slovenia and Portugal) but 2 are microstates surrounded by EU countries.

Was planning my big holiday to be Russia and Belarus but I’ve heard that it’s shit and i’d be better off going to Salisbury on hols instead.


Slovenia is in the Eurozone. I would highly recommend Lake Bled, but get their early in the day so it’s not so crowded. There are some other lakes you can visit in Slovenia but I’m not sure what they’re like.



We were thinking of just going for some basic shit European beach holiday next summer and then save up for something a bit more exciting the year after.

BUT as we’re now tied to school holidays, it’s not much cheaper to go to Spain and etc for a week than it is to go to the Caribbean, or do something interesting. Also, I don’t want to book a holiday to Rhodes only to find out that come March, British passport holders are banned from visiting the EU.

Might just embrace the Brexit spirit and go to Breen in a caravan for a couple of weeks.


And for the rest of the summer tomorrow…


Copenhagen in May/June I think.


How can you lot be so organised?

I’d like to go up to Hudson Bay and see polar bears and the northern lights. Bitch of a place to get to though.

Probably need to book my flight to Toronto first, huh?


I want to go to China now.